View Full Version : anyone supplementing with Dopa Bean?

04-23-08, 09:59 PM
I was taking it before I started Vyvanse (today)... 3x a day, and I have to say I could tell when I didn't take it! I'm thinking I should continue with it? maybe at least once a day... it helped with patience and emotional issues, but it did not quiet the constant noise in my head the way AdderallXR did (initially). had really horrible side effects, my doc ASSURES me I won't with this. I'm not so sure but I'm willing to try it (it was free this month)...if it doesn't work I'm going back and insisting on DEX. Okay, I'm rambling, that should tell you something. so, would the Dopa Bean enhance the effect of the Vyvanse, or would it just scramble my brain? :p