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04-27-08, 04:58 AM

I am 17, going on 18 (one month exactly...yay!!) and I have decided as a kind of birthday present to myself/way to commemorate a milestone I want to get some peircings up the nape of my neck. I would like to get a pattern like so:

. .
. .
. .

That is my somewhat lazy attempt at conveying my idea, but whatever, so not the point. What I was wondering was if anyone has any opinions on the microdermals vs. surface bars debate.


P.S. For those of you wondering, I have a nose stud, ear lobes pierced, and naval (but keep that on the DL, my parents don't know)

04-27-08, 05:09 AM
Didi, I admit I really like peircings :)
If only I wasn't 43 ....I'd line up with you

05-10-08, 04:28 PM
I'm a fan of piercings as well. I find the piercings you describe visually interesting, butthey're not right me aesthetically. I'm assuming you know about aftercare and have a good piercer, I say go for it

The think the biggest worry I would have besides the usual infection/keloid thing is rejection. But, you know how you heal based on the past. Maybe get one and see how that goes and then do the other two in the series. My guy doesn't like to do multiple piercings at once if the jewelry is shared between the piercings because they tend to heal slower, since when you bump or hurt one, the other's affected. Although the ones you're suggesting wouldn't touch or have common jewelry. I love the way one nape piercing looks anyway. I've never known a person who had a trio.

I say go for it and good luck! Happy healing.