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05-02-08, 10:05 PM

[forum moderators might want to move this elsewhere or tell me its not appropriate but here goes]

I'm wondering if anyone lives in or near Brisbane Australia and can recommend a psychiatrist that would be open to discussing my concerns that I might have ADD.

It may not be appropriate to 'advertise' a psych here so if you are in Brisvegas and happy to recommend a psych please feel free to PM or Email me.


05-05-08, 07:50 AM
Hi ya Nathan, I am a 37yo guy in Brisbane and have had ADHD diagnosed at 6 years old and have seen a number of psychiatrists over 30 odd years. Some are much better than others that is for sure.

My current psychiatrist is great Dr Granger he practices from his rooms at Pine Rivers Private Hospital. You will need a referral from a GP but you can ak any GP for that it does not need to be your normal family GP if that is an issue. Dr Grangers number s 3881 7294.

Just yell if i can help you in anyway or just want someone to chat with who understands where you're at. Either on forum or personal email.

06-08-08, 04:15 AM
Yes, definitely talk to you GP first, and they will be able to refer you.

All we said to my GP was that "we heard something on the radio and would like to investigate further", and it all went from there.

02-15-12, 07:52 AM
@ hyper_guy,

i have been on Strattera for 2 weeks, 10mg for the first week and 18mg for the second week. i think it's no good. All i got was side effects.

What are you taking ? Is it any good? Any side effects?

ps.: i have made an appointment with Dr. Howard Granger. i hope to get off Strattera.

04-16-12, 02:43 AM
HI Swimer
my 20yr old daughter has just been diagnosed with ADD she was put on Ritalin which was ok then changed to Concerta from there she experienced many side effects and we are thinking about an alternative medication
Anyway i guess i was wondering how your going now with the Strattera and how was you appointment with the Dr ?
hope to hear back soon