View Full Version : anybody got an ADD answer to a puter thing?

05-03-08, 04:44 PM
my friend alley oop... met him....asked me...and i dunno!

As some know I am relying on my roommates computer lately. I have yet to connect my own system.

My rooomie has a Compaq , it's not bad but her's is like a VWbug next to my Hummer. It takes a very long time to load a link or click, and it's very frustrating for this adhd unmedicated moron to deal with.

I was going to add another Qwest Dsl line to the house but the cost is high and I just bought some new furniture which limits my "free" cash flow.. She has Comcast high speed cable and they recommended I buy a wirless router and wirelss card for my computer and set it up that way.

Thing is I dont' know much about wireless routers or cards and was hoping the techies here might be able to give a few pointers to save me some inital money and I buy a good but not crazy expensive set up.

I know the inital cost will be high but then I can avoid a monthly charge.

Suggestions ? ...

See it's taken me almost 15 minutes just to get this thread typed because it keeps locking up after a couple of words.

I need fast....

05-03-08, 05:47 PM
Well.. I've never set up wireless before.. but has your friends computer had temp files and cookies and such cleaned lately? Or done defrag? Just a thought. I might explain the lockups... or at least part of it.

I hope someone with computer savvy comes along.. lol

05-03-08, 10:05 PM
My iBook laptop has an airport (wireless) card installed; my trusty iMac does not. An inexpensive router networks both computers so my laptop is fully wireless. I do wireless printing on a regular printer.

05-04-08, 05:46 AM
thanks girls...
...he's not in poverty, he just does'nt know what to get to speed it up.