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05-03-08, 11:13 PM
AD/HD - A Journey of Hope

When: Sunday, 3rd August, 2008
Where: Mingara Recreaction Club, Central Coast
Cost: $20 per person
Contact: or phone: 0423 982 490

The designed outcome of the EVENT is to:

1. Reduce confusion and anxiety by increasing the knowledge (of those who attend) about the assessment, diagnosis process, and the various treatments that are available

2. Increase hope for sufferers and carers of those with ADHD and connecting conditions by understanding that it is possible to live a fruitful life, with a disability, by listening to the experiences of affected people who have achieved it.

3. Development of an effective model which can be used to increase support and hope for those people who are effected by ADHD throughout NSW and Australia

4. The formation of a support organisation to help those people touched by ADHD and connecting conditions on the Central Coast

5. Improvement in the understanding of councils together with state and federal governments towards the people affected with ADHD in the legal system

This event is designed for anyone of the following groups:

* People who are touched by ADHD and connecting conditions (such as bipolar dyslexia, asperges, ADD, autisim, etc) in their lives
* Parents & Grandparents
* Those who work with ADHD in the legal & judicial system
* Teachers, and those who care or teach children with ADHD
* Those who administer medicine or lifestyle counciling to effected ADHD sufferers
* Doctors and those in the medical industry
* Drug representatives and pharmacutical companies
* Health workers (mental and other)
* Similar support organisations
* Employers and work place managers / supervisors of people with ADHD
* Counsellors
* State, Federal and Council Agency Managers/Supervisors
* Aboriginal Interagency networks

The goal of the Event is to bring everyone touched by ADHD, to share experiences, build networks, provide support and education, and help us all better understand ADHD and connecting conditions.

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