View Full Version : I have just been diagnosed with ADHD

05-14-08, 04:37 PM

After 2 months of anxiously waiting to see if I have an illness, the psychiatrist who specializes in adult ADHD has just prescribed me Adderall XR 10 mg to see how it goes for two weeks. He also gave me the option to up to 20 mg.

I will be completing my final year of my BBA degree this Fall. I qualify for OSAP however I have found out from QueensUGirl that there is assistance available for those with ADHD.

I do not need the note taking services offered by my school, however the extended time to write an exam can come in handy (I do not have an issue with this).

It seems that the Ontario has the Canada Access Grant for Students with a Permanent Disability. I would like to take advantage of this grant however what will I be entitled?

Can I request for a computer or PDA to help me improve my time-management skills? I have chronic lateness and often forget obligations/appointments. I am not trying to milk the system, but I would like to get as much assistance as possible to help me cope with my life disability.

Thank you ADHD forums, I am so glad I found this forum last night and read through all 4 pages of threads in the Canada forum.