View Full Version : bad side effects anyone?

05-14-08, 10:55 PM
I was prescribed Metadate last year. It was the first medicine I ever took for my attention problems. For the first month or two everything went great, I was getting stellar grades and generally getting more work done and being more efficient. However after about 4 months of taking it I started noticing some psychological side effects: drastic mood changes, anxiety, depression, panic attacks. I didn't make the connection that my pills were the cause of this until I went in to the doctors office after about 6 months of taking the pill. I lost 45 lbs in 6 months. I stopped taking the Metadate and after about a month everything was back to normal.

I understand that everyone reacts differently to different medications but I figured I'd just throw in my 2 cents. Now I'm on Methylphenidate and haven't experienced any of the side effects I did while I was on Metadate.

Has anyone else experienced these side effects while on this medication?

06-30-08, 12:18 PM
Long time no poster here... Yes I've experienced some side effects with Medadate, for me the biggest one is water retention. I've used Adderall for years and about 3 months ago my doctor and I finally moved to Medadate after the gradual decline of the Adderalls effectiveness (offset by slowly increasing dosages) came to a stop. I tried using Medadate years ago when I was first diagnosed but after 3 weeks had to stop because I ballooned WAY up (shot my BP up almost 40 pts!). Well this doctor (a new one) wanted to try it again to be sure and it's still there for me just not as bad.

Some other side effects I noticed tend to be more psychological and are really probably not from the medicine it just doesn't work as good at helping me as the Adderall did. Such as depression, more easily angered and boredom. I'm on 50mg right now and have an appointment tomorrow to try some other drug since this water gain is just to much. My hands right now are so puffy it actually hurts to make a fist.

This is my .02 YMMV,