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05-18-08, 11:57 PM
Hello. My name is Susan. I am 42 years old and have been diagnosed with depression since I was 14. Thing is over the years the symptoms have changed. I've changed dramatically, and yet people still insist on labeling me depressed. Even when I've insisted I wasn't. I've never had an antidepressant that actually worked on my symptoms. ANd as I got older I realized that my symptoms of depression weren't really that, but more like anxiety. I was diagnosed with OCD for that. Still as I got older I started going to support groups and meeting people with all kinds of diagnosis. I noticed a similarity with Manic depressives..Only I didn't get that high they would talk about . Only part of the manic stuff. Like staying up at night and wanting to do things. Clean, Play on the computer , paint. Whatever. Have a real problem with falling asleep. Again I got told I had anxiety. But I Noticed that I wasn't really worrying at night. It was more like I couldn't find the off switch. My mind wanted to just keep going. I wasn't anxious I was just overflowing with energy, and ideas, and didn't know how to shut that off.
I met someone in group who had ADD. It really struck me how similar we were.
She also had the same problem of not being able to shut down at night. ANd also not being able to read through a book, but had to read it in chapters, or even just paragraphs that were interesting to her. That is exactly like me. I don't think I've read a book all the way through since I was a child. . Mostly because children's books are short with pictures.
ANyway, after I took several online ADD tests, I was amazed at how well the questions they asked fit me. On the three I took I got like over twice the score needed to qualify as possible having ADD.
I don't' want to self diagnose, I do already have a psychiatryst. ANd a therapist. I talked to my psychiatrist, about all of this but he just gave me ridilin and said to try it. I asked, wasn't there a test to get a diagnosis or anything, and he was like if the medicine helps you've probably go it..I'm sorry but I was hoping to have a real discussion with someone to really find out if I do have ADD, and then what kind of ADD. It seems from what I've read there are different types. ANd I seem to fit..for the most part, into the category of overfocused ADD. My mind seems to get stuck in one place and has a hard time shifting attention. IN other words I'll get stuck in a creative mode and I'll want to work on some art project , at the same time I have to keep several art projects going at once, so when I get bored with one, or I decide it's not the right type, I can go to the next. BUt once i get stuck in that mode it's hard for me to just stop and go to sleep. My mind will keep thinking about what I was doing and not shift to sleep mode.
If I do have ADD I don't want someone to just throw pills at me. I want to learn more about it, talk to someone who has knowledge of it. I've spent my whole life feeling different, Learning different, Doing things my own way and feeling bad about that. It would be nice to know that maybe there is a reason for that.
IN stead I just feel like the most unorganized, sloppy , chronically late, easily overwhelmed prerson.
Since this in A new Jersey section . I was wondering if someone knew of a good doctor to go to for a diagnosis? I don't have the best insurance..Medicaid.:( BUt if i could find a really good doctor I might consider paying out of pocket. TO make sure I got a proper diagnosis,and maybe they could point me in the direction of some help..if I do have ADD.
I heard of a support group, but it's pretty far from me, and I'm not able to drive far. I would appreciate any help anyone can give me. I'd really like to find out what helps people with ADD, particularly the Overfocused type because whether I have it or not, maybe some of the coping skills that help them could help me.

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you need a new doctor.'s like a jew going to a priest.

the beliefs of this shrink, may not be the same as yours or ours. shrink belives.

welcome to the forum.

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Welcome to the forum.

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you need a new doctor.'s like a jew going to a priest.

the beliefs of this shrink, may not be the same as yours or ours. shrink belives.

welcome to the forum.
HI. Yeah I believe this guy is not going to be much help. I do have trouble because i have Medicaid and it's hard to find a good Doctor. lately, It's gotten harder.
I was thinking of trying Catholic Charities. They are not too far and have psychiatrists. I keep putting it off. ONe of my biggest problems is you can see by the time it took me to get back to this forum.LOL BUt in all fairness to myself I have been sick and that's made it harder.
Thanks for your reply;)