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05-21-08, 12:09 PM
After finaly admitting to myself just how bad my life is, I decided to try meds. It was an uncomfortable few months. Headaches and feeling sick and anxious while trying new meds..spending way to much of other peoples money because "I need a specialist", finally I tried Adderall.

I got a glimpse of what it could do. Of what my life could me like. I was so happy I wept. It all made sense and it is was all worthwhile.
For three days.
Thats how long it took for me to realize I had developed rapid tolerance. I didnt know what it was at first. There isnt much info on this...and Drs never seem to mention it as a possibility. But there it is. My tolerance develops overnight and there is nothing I can do about it.

I feel defeated and cant seem to snap myself out of it. Im confused and feeling like life played a cruel cruel trick on me. I thought when I said Ok to meds that was going to be the begining of a whole new chapter in my life...I wasnt expecting this. What am I going to do? I am falling apart. I am a mommy and I dont want my son to have to live like this anymore. I go to school but it is so hard. And for a few days I SAW how it could be...I have been on the coutch ever since. I'm going down and I cant stop it. I search the internet every waking hour for a solution to this problem. I am "between Drs" right now so have no support there. It feels like time has stopped and I dont know what to do.

For a long time I thought my add was wasnt until I could honostly say Im not depressed that I discovered my childhood adHd had become adult add. Now, I'm pretty sure Im depressed and have add and I dont know what to do.

sorry this is just a rant.

05-21-08, 01:02 PM

I'm in a very similiar situation. The adderall seemed to work like a charm and then just stop... the only things I experienced were intense side effects... I am now on Vyvanse and have found it to work like a charm. Please feel free to message me if you'd like to talk... I'm a mother as well and always thought I was just depressed... Now I know the depression wasn't a diagnosis but a sign of the untreated adhd.

There's plenty of us out here!