View Full Version : I miss my band director right now

05-22-08, 12:58 PM
I really miss my band director right now Iím not graduated yet and I already miss him. I have 11 school days left. He is just such an inspiration and I just really miss him and I know I will come back to the high school and see band concerts, but it just is not the same. I worked with him for 3 years and it has just been really hard to know I wonít see him everyday. He is the only teacher who I trust. He thought of me as a daughter and he always protected me on spring trips. Now I suddenly have to leave him, What do you do? Try and get a hold of him or wait to see him the next year? He was the only person that I could talk to about anything!!! He IS SO AWESOME! I LOVE HIM ! I miss him so much I feel sick and I want to cry and I think about him almost 24/7 and I want to see him all the time! I am not in love with him though because hes too old for me I need a way to stop thinking about him so much and also I need ways to keep in touch, I think of him as my 2nd dad and I love him as much as my real dad and I have his email! I miss him soooooo much it literally hurts!

08-01-08, 01:51 AM
I am a teacher, and hard as it is to tell you this, this is an unhealthy fixation you are developing on yours. Normally we give you an email address if we are correcting your work and so on. Whatever you do, don't bombard him with emails or contact. You are lucky enough to have a dad already... he is the one you should be talking to about these things. You also have family and friends. Sure, he is an inspiration... but look around you and you will find others that do the same. It's unfair on him to expect he keeps looking after you when he has new students, so please let the man do his job. Obviously he has helped you grow a lot, which is great! He also enabled your communication skills, which you are capable of sharing with someone else. Don't forget about that, but do move on to healthier relationships.

Good luck