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05-23-08, 06:36 PM
I'm so surprised the pdoc gave me back the Vyvanse. I am so glad he did though...and with nothing to couple it for my Bipolar II. Which is odd to me, but I honestly have never been happier in any previous moment in my life...well probably not seriously, but it feels like it. I mean there was the Prozac which made me want to puke technicolor and cause world peace because I had so much joy pint up inside of me (which turned to being highly restless, angry, n stuff by the end of the day..which led to cutting myself @ work for frustration at getting in trouble for not being able to stay in my cubicle for more than 5 minutes...maybe less).

I hope everyone is doing good. Figured I would post my own update since I had been stuck in this like nasty depression for the past couple of months.

I'm back..well kinda. I am going away for the Memorial Day weekend; I will be back though, unless of course something aweful happens on my way to Tampa...I surely hope not...that would so kill my happy right now!

05-23-08, 06:39 PM
Good to read you sounding so positive. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. :):):):)

05-23-08, 07:19 PM
Oh..thank you. I was completely and utterly miserable with the new medications. I went from Vyvanse and Depakote to Adderall and Depakote to Adderall XR with Prozac....

Never ever again will I take Prozac in my life...I don't care if it will save my life...let me die. It was the worst possible experience I have EVER had on a medication. So when I asked this morning if I could have my Vyvanse back and gave him my reasons and he said Sure....I have been happy ever since...(well except I took Adderall XR this morning cause I had run out of the Vyvanse and of course...had to I was a little irritable today at work and wanting to serious take my stapler and beat my heads in, but I made it through to my three day weekend!!)

Speaking of that...if I don't get on the road S/O is gonna be significantly ****ed...cause it's already an hour drive and I've barely gotten out of the've been trying to get ready since 530pm and it's 7:19pm now.

I'm leaving for real this

05-23-08, 07:22 PM
You're quite welcome. Safe journies!!

05-23-08, 07:34 PM
No worries everything will be fine in Tampa...after all I live there :D

I am glad to hear you are feeling better. If you can please try and remember to take it one moment at a time. That's all any of us can do....and remember to wont believe how often our breathing gets messed up during mania or depression. Some deep slow breathing can be helpful.

Enjoy the weekend.

05-24-08, 10:52 PM
I did not know that Sponge. Interesting lol I have to was really hot today and the bugs are awful outside. I hope that you are enjoying your Memorial Day Weekend. It was odd...I went to go to starbucks at like 7pm and there was NO traffic on hillsborough...I was like Wow...this is really odd. *shrugs* I can't sleep...of course. About to go find something to eat in a town that I don't know very well lol...

As long as I don't end up going down a one way street...I'll be a-okay.

05-24-08, 11:38 PM
Glad things are better, blueyeyore! I noticed you weren't around. (I can relate to the depression isolation thing . . . been there, done that, going back again probably!)

Take care. Glad to hear from you again. Hope to hear from you more.