View Full Version : Special Day class for 1st grade

05-29-08, 07:38 PM
This one has me reeling - my son (5 and ADHD) is almost done with Kinder and we have had 3 IEP meetings so far this year basically telling me he's improving slowly but surely (they've seen a definite improvement since we switched to Focalin from Adderall). He takes speech, works with the RSP and a lady who helps out as well who's going to actually tutor him this summer. He knows most of his abc's by sight (only a few by sound) and his #'s 1-15 easy.

They've just scheduled another IEP meeting for this coming Tuesday but his teacher has already warned me that they might be pushing for a special day class because they think he's going to struggle major through first grade even with all the help he gets now. I've been avoiding this from the very beginning - working with him, getting him the IEP and all the help, tutors, etc. I don't even know what a special day class would entail except that for the 1st and 2nd grades he would go to another school (that's a doozy for me since his sister goes to this school as well and he is comfortable with the whole idea).

My husband's going with me on Tuesday because I know I'm WAY too emotionally into this right now to even make a intelligent decision. Has anyone gone through this? I want what's best for him. He just started playing with and making new friends and I hate to see that end if he has to go to another different school with totally different kids. Any advice would be so appreciated. Thanks.