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michelle p
06-06-08, 04:30 PM
this is my first time posting on this forum. my 16 yr old son was just diagnosed with adhd 2 months ago. the dr. has him on a 20mg. daytrana patch. he's doing SO much better in school now...but he's having some bad mood swings. i've told his dr. about his anger issues, and he told my son that he has to learn to manage his anger. he told him to remove himself from the situation, and write down whatever is making him angry...and just throw it away. the dr. doesn't want to switch his medication right away because he's doing so well in school. when my son was calm he told me that he holds his emotions in all day while he's at school...and by the time he gets home it's like he's ready to explode. he's always been moody, but now he scares me because it's so explosive. has anybody had this type of side afect?

06-06-08, 04:55 PM
That sounds like the rebound that happens as the medication clears the system. What to do about it I'm not sure, but I don't think it's too uncommon.

michelle p
06-06-08, 05:04 PM
the dr. was talking about upping the dosage, but i was a little worried about how it would affect him. maybe having more in his system would help. he also has been having a hard time getting to sleep. i gave him a unisom last night, that seemed to work...i guess i'll find out when he gets home. the dr. mentioned buying him some meletonin for sleep, i'll try that too. i just worry about all this medication.

06-07-08, 09:34 AM

The problems with mood could be dose related. We made the mistake of increasing the dose when DD used Daytrana. She eventually turned into a big ol' hot mess of erratic moods, excessive drowsiness, lethargy, etc. Maybe you should lower the dose instead. When DD used Daytrana, the long-term absorption rates weren't yet identified. After about 6 weeks of chronic use, the absorption rate increases 1.9 fold:


When Daytrana™ was titrated to effect in the pivotal phase III clinical efficacy study, after at least 6 weeks of therapy with 9 hour wear times when applied to alternating hips, the mean peak d-methylphenidate (d-MPH) plasma concentration was 39 ng/mL with a range of 0 - 114 ng/mL. These mean peak concentrations varied inversely by age ranging from 25 ng/mL, (range 2 - 80 ng/mL) in 12 year olds, to 53 ng/mL (range 18 - 83 ng/mL) in 6 year olds.

Daytrana™ mean peak d-MPH concentrations were approximately 1.9-fold higher than the highest observed concentrations after a once-daily oral methylphenidate formulation over a period of 7.5 to 10.5 hours, when Tmax typically occurs. These higher concentrations were observed for all children 6 - 12 years of age, both overall and when grouped by age. The Daytrana™ peak concentrations on chronic dosing were also higher than Cmaxs seen with Daytrana™ after single dosing, or 4 days of multiple dosing. With single doses of Daytrana™, peak concentrations were comparable to Cmaxs from single doses of the once daily oral MPH formulation.
The observed exposures with Daytrana™ could not be explained by drug accumulation predicted from observed single dose pharmacokinetics and there was no evidence that clearance or rate of elimination changed between single and repeat dosing. Neither were they explainable by differences in dosing patterns between treatments, age, race, or gender. This suggests that transdermal absorption of methylphenidate may increase with chronic therapy with the methylphenidate transdermal system.

Also, consider when your DS removes his patch. It takes about 2 hours for his system to get clear of meds. Maybe you should try leaving it on until about 8:00 pm if he's removing it sooner.

michelle p
06-07-08, 11:39 AM
thanks for all the info. on daytrana. the medical terms are a little confusing. i asked my son how he felt on 10mg., as opposed to 20mg. he told me that the 10mg. made him very tired. we only tried the 15mg. for about 2 days before going on to the 20mg. patch. i'll call the dr. and ask him for a 15mg prescription. school gets out on friday, so we'll have the summer to try and get this right :).

06-07-08, 04:31 PM
Cmax = maximum concentration of the medication in the system

Tmax = time after administration that the maximum dose is reached

MPH = methylphenidate (chemical name for Ritalin/Daytrana)

08-18-08, 04:11 PM
I have been on various medications (Adderrall, Concerta, Vyvanse, Strattera, and now on Daytrana)

The 2 meds that I really liked the best was Vyvanse and Daytrana. The reason is that I don't feel the medication kick in like Adderrall or Concerta.

The only downside to Vyvanse and Daytrana is that it gives me dry mouth.

At first it was difficult to apply the patch properly so I've tried different things which seem to work. (The patch even stays on while I shower)

1 - Make sure there is no hair in the area where the patch is to be applied. So I shaved both my hips.

2 - Everytime before applying the patch I use "rubbing alcohol" to clean the area. This reall helps.

3. I switch hips every day or I place the patch in a different spot.

* I know that Daytrana (as with the other meds) has helped me with my mood in that I am not as short-tempered, irritated as easily, and a lot more patient!

* Another good thing with Daytrana is that I feel "normal". I don't feel drugged.

10-11-08, 05:30 AM
* Another good thing with Daytrana is that I feel "normal". I don't feel drugged.

I have noticed this with my son as well. So far I love the way daytrana works. He is a lot more level with fewer swings. We need to adjust it a bit though as it is a bit low he grew like two inches over the summer and I think he is metabolizing it differently and needs a bit of an up in dosage.