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06-09-08, 10:41 AM
hey guys,

ive come round to the thinking i need to find a gp with an understanding of adhd to help me gain the treatment im seeking, at the surgery i go to there is noone that fits the decription, as there the ones to make the reeferals it seems to me that if i was to find a doc that understood the condition then i may get a better conclusion than with the doctor im curently seeing

many thx miz

06-09-08, 07:30 PM
Unfortunately that's more often than not what happens. Many GPs are not too knowledglable about the condition. You're probably not gonna find one who's interested in adult ADHD but you can do some things to make them more understanding:

The GP just needs to back up a referal so maybe ask to see a psychiatrist first who can give some evidence to the GP to support a referal to a specialist.

See a cousellor and/or psychologist, these too can report back to the GP, making the referal process easier. Perseverance is the key.

06-09-08, 08:25 PM
unfortunatly i was passed on to a psychiatrist who has absoultly no idea about adhd other than the usual misconceptions, who refuses to refere me on to someone else, i unfortunatly missed my 2nd psychologist appointment due to forgetting it, it didnt help that it was set nearly 3 months into the futre (im lucky to remeber an appointment if its longer than a few days) in the first meeting he ended it as soon as i said i had adhd as he had no experiance it was meant to be an hr long

after 9 months of trying various anti depresants unsucsesfully i was offered some testing which i was uming and arring about mainly as i wouldnt get to see anyone with experiance with adhd while i was trying to make the desicion, he stuck in a sarcy remark about were not here to hold your hand as id missed an appointment and asked if it was possible to get a reminder before the appointment preferbly by telephone as im avoiding opening post regularly due to anxity

so i made a snap decision not to go as this is the same pdoc that told me that it was unlikly i had adhd due to being able to score well on a internet iq test and that my problems were more likly learned from my parents i just felt it was in my intrest to see an experianced profesinal and that was the last straw (i can be my own worst enemy somtimes)

at the time id asked a doctor to put in a aplication for funding with the pct for a referal to a local adhd clinic but this was now months ago and ive had no word about it,
im also a little worried after reading that when appling for funding to the pct as much info about adult adhd should be included tbh my doctors also think its down to bad parenting so im pretty sure they wouldnt have put in a strong application

so i dont know what options i have got left, because now ive discovered that im not stupid but have adhd, i have an intence urge to get back into education hopefully in september the problem is that i live alone and have no one to back me up with this

06-09-08, 08:39 PM
sorry for all the edits got distracted and hit post still not happy with sentance structure and spelling but hey its late and im to tired to chop and change it all into proper english

06-10-08, 08:40 AM

i asked for the doctor dealing with my referal if he would give me a call today,

which he did, great, not so great was the fact that he had the descion from them and not bothered to keep me up todate.

a bigger blow is that i was refused permision due to my doctor asking apparently the only way i can get permision is through the pdoc that i dont see eye to eye with and has refused to refere me on even though they admit they have no training on this complex issue and unfortunatly many miscopnceptions even though i have taken in a lot of current information for him to read, which he has never talked about afterwards

i feel so bad about this ive had to spend the last year or more dealing with this alone i mean you spend a whole life time being misunderstood the last thing u need is so called profesinals doing the same thing when u finally understand whats going on and take the brave step to do somthing about it

there goes my plans for getting my life on track

guess im left no other option than to drop out of society completly as i cant afford to go private even an a initial assement is beyond my means at the moment not to mention affording monthly meds and councilling,

06-10-08, 09:46 AM
Hi miz keep your head up please! Im im weston-s-mare i dont know if that is close to you but ive just started on meds now, so if your close i can tell you the route i took, i am now with a clinic in bristol that i told my gp to refer me to after explaining my problems to him. And im in another county yet he still did it. Think it is down to the gp!

06-10-08, 09:58 AM
Also i had a iq test as part of my adhd testing and i was told that that part is to check that you dont have some ting else non adhd wrong and that Low iq would not indicate towards having adhd and having high iq would not indicate that you dont have it.

06-10-08, 10:29 AM
I feel your frustration. Don't give up. It will all be worth it if you stick with it for the long haul.

jdreaper is exactly right. An IQ test is only to rule out other things. By the way, my IQ was high, but I still have ADHD.

As jdreaper has pointed out, there is a new NHS adult ADHD clinic in Bristol, which accepts referrals from surrounding areas, subject to PCT approval. If you are in Somerset, your best bet is to take the information of that clinic to your GP (or another GP if he won't listen) and insist on a referral on the basis that you need someone experienced.

The details of the clinic can be found here. (

Hope this helps.

06-10-08, 11:15 AM
thx for the info JD, i cant see why the doctors at the my surgery are being so unhelpfull

i dunno what to make of it though im left wondering how 2 experiances can have such different outcomes, im living in a village outside of glastonbury at the moment so not that far from you and i guess roughly the same distance away from the bristol clinic which was the one i asked to be refered to

i guess im thinking along the right tracks, i think i need to find a G.p with more understanding of adult adhd, i was the first person to go to my local doctors with adult adhd, so they came up with the usual its down to bad parenting it took a pratice meeting to get to see the guy im seeing now

the reason im thinking this might be easier though i dont know for sure its just a hunch is that i have the right to choose diferent doctors though they dont have to accept u as a patient, where as theres no freedom of choice with mental health services unlike with general health services

m8 if u can be bothered id be really intrested about what the bristol clinic does in regards to dx and treatment, how long it took to get seen and what they did in the way of assesment and treatment

06-11-08, 05:29 AM
Hi Miz
there is a Bristol Support group for ADHD'ers. Have you come across it yet?