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06-11-08, 10:34 AM
Hi all,

Bear with me as I try to sum up two months of complete chaos in a few lines so I can paint a somewhat vivid picture for my question.

My father, whom I have not seen in the past 10 years, has come back into my life. In short, he's now on disability due to health complications, having a stroke, heart attack etc. He was also diagnosed with dimentia of the alzheimers type along with schizophrenia. He had a dog tag the DR gave him that had non-violent stamped on the back side of it. They told him all sorts of things, like he'd never ride his motorcycle again, drive a car, etc etc.

Well, the person whom he was staying with, threw him out and said she couldn't deal with him. To me it's basically a "your sick and going to die soon, so I don't want to deal with it, so goodbye" sort of thing.

Well having no place to stay, his visit became more of a temp/permanent situation and I have been helping him sort through all the BS.

My question(s) is/are this.

I see some scary similarities in regards to how he acts/reacts in life situations and it's exactly the same as me. His diagnosis of dimentia/scihz (bah can't spell that word) could that be inherited, meaning could I come down with it?

Secondly, I showed a video to him of a game I recently started to play in the 5 min's of free time I have each day.. Team Fortress 2. The video is of charachters who look like toy story'ish people only with guns/weapons etc. Well he liked the first video and was laughing alot till I showed him one video where the charachter appears to be talking to you directly, and WOW his facial expressions changed, he got tense, made fists etc, and I turned the clip off. Scared the hell out of me really, and I got to thinking, I get like that sometimes too, when my wife wanted to watch "the hills have eyes" I got so enraged on the inside, I had to just get up and shut the tv off, I couldn't deal with it.

I'm wondering if deep down (not yet) I'll end up like my dad, with all these mental problems? It's somewhat scary because I see so much of myself in him.

Well, guys/gals, I have no idea where to put this thread, so mod's feel free to boot it where it belongs.

06-12-08, 06:20 AM
my great-aunt, grandmother, and my uncle are schizophrenic. I've been told it is genetic but that most people are now diagnosable [and treatable] much earlier than even ten years ago...if you're very concerned go get checked out. it may just be mannerisms that you inherited and not the disease.
hope that helps.