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06-13-08, 09:09 AM
Hope it's the appropriate thing to start a new thread :o

A bit of history about me:
I am 27, female, I am certain I am ADD inattentive though I haven’t exactly been diagnosed yet. When I was 14 my mother (she has ADD too) found out about ADD from an American friend. She tried to get herself and me diagnosed. After much struggle a psychiatrist prescribed both of us Ritalin although wouldn’t officially diagnose us as he had never heard of the condition before. Ritalin didn’t work for me at all. I spent the next several years hoping against hope that if I tried really really hard things could get better, which of course they rarely did. Eventually I realised I must have some kind of medication to ever be able to really move forward in life rather than continually trying not to drown. Even all the organisational etc. methods couldn’t work without medication support. I happened to find out about Adderall and did a lot of reading and research. Last June I talked to my GP about trying some new treatment for ADD. As I’m sure you will all be surprised to hear, my GP was very sceptical and patronising and said to me ‘It’s very easy to read something in a magazine or see something on the telly and just say “Oh I must have ADD, the doctor will hand out drugs and then everything will be lovely” ’. When I told her about my history and Ritalin prescription she begrudgingly said she would try to refer me to someone, although she said the psychiatrist who she could refer me to would dismiss ADD out of hand and be certain I must be mentally ill. So she tried to refer me to a Dr Bruno in Bristol. 7 months later I was told he didn’t work there anymore and nobody from the unit had bothered to tell my GP this, they had just ignored the letter. So then my GP tried to refer me to Dr Nutt’s Clinic in Bristol. They took 4 months to bother to write back and say as I live in Bath they will not see me. The last time I spoke to my GP was a month ago and she said she would try to apply to the PCT for funding. I have no idea how long that will take and as it has taken a year to get almost nowhere I feel like screaming with frustration. If anyone has any information/advice on how I might be able to move forward here that would be very appreciated.
If I ever get to see someone, I feel somewhat nervous about being assessed – I have come to have little faith in Doctors’ knowledge and am concerned that inappropriate testing methods might give a inaccurate ‘No ADD’ result.
Do they take history and anecdotal evidence of the effect this is having on your life into account?
Anyway, must stop jabbering on! ☺

06-14-08, 01:18 PM
Keep hanging on in there, your GP is doing the right thing by writing to the PCT. Don't be too hard on your GP either, although I know it seems like she is being skeptical. She is probably trying to be cautious. My GP is much the same and I wish they would realise that it comes across as being highly patronising, but they usually don't mean to be. It is encouraging to know she has been persisting with your referral. The fact she has gone so far as to apply for PCT funding means she is sticking with it.

If you have some money, you may try the option of a private diagnosis. They can cost anything from £300ish to £800ish. It really is worth doing some research. There are private clinics listed on this forum.

Do they take history and anecdotal evidence of the effect this is having on your life into account?

Yes. They gather this information via a questionnaire and at the assessment interview itself, and if possible, they try to get someone close to you who has known you since childhood to send in a similar questionnaire. In order to comply with the current AD/HD diagnostic criteria, they currently have to establish that you had some symptoms since before the age of 7. They may do an EEG and an IQ test, but these are mostly to rule out other things.

Hope this helps.

06-14-08, 08:01 PM
Hi curlofsmoke,

There is a new NHS adult adhd clinic in Bristol. Since you live in Bath, your GP will need to get funding for your referral from your Primary Care Trust. I can give you the referral details if you would like so feel free to send me an email or PM.

Also tell your GP that NICE guidelines for assessing and treating adhd are due to be published in September. The draft guidelines are available on the web, so your GP can use them to persuade your PCT to do the right thing.

If your PCT won't fund your referral, then it's time to go to your MP for help. I have information about how to do this on the web page for the Bristol Adult ADHD support group page. Again, email me if you need this information.

All the best,


06-14-08, 08:04 PM
Sorry, I forgot to add that the psychiatrist heading the new adult adhd clinic in Bristol is very good and knows her stuff!

06-18-08, 12:16 PM
Thank you columbo and Ariosto.
Yes, I'm doing all I can to be nice to my GP and keep her on my side.
I'm glad it seems the Bristol psych knows her stuff, I was a bit concerned about coming up against that myth 'you are too intelligent to have ADD' with an IQ test - when I've had them before I've tested high.
Reading the posts on here again and again make me exclaim 'Oh God, yes exactly'. There are so many ways in which it affects my daily life, which other people just don't understand. And so many specific examples which the more general symptom lists of books often don't mention specifically. Like getting immersed in something for a few days and then completely forgetting about it.
Anyway, I'll PM you Ariosto :)

06-25-08, 11:18 AM
I just thought I'd let anyone who is interested in the Bristol Clinic know that I have received word that funding has been approved for me to attend the clinic :D Now I just have to wait for an appointment...