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06-15-08, 12:48 AM
I started a new job a few months ago, managing the residential division of a painting company. At this point it's relatively small, so I'm doing pretty much everything - sales and operations.

Started off using outlook calendar and email with business contact manager, but found bcm wasn't flexible enough. Now i'm trying ACT, which is working out very well so far - it's amazing actually how it has improved my organization on the sales side of things.

But because the scheduling/calendar is set up differently than outlook, when I sync through outlook to pocket informant on my pda, tasks and appointments and stuff don't work quite the same, and you have to type things a certain way to make sure it gets synced back up to ACT. Also I find the calendar in outlook works better for me visually. So I'm thinking about just using the calendar in outlook, but that would defeat the linking and other efficiencies in ACT.

Anyways, I saw in another thread, a few people mentioned they used ACT, so I was wondering how you have it integrated with your other organizational tools? Especially for scheduling?

I know half the battle is using the system, but it doesnt' feel like I've quite got a system that works together, so any thoughts would be appreciated...