View Full Version : Effect of Focalin after stopping generic Tegretol

06-16-08, 09:53 PM
My son (6 in August) has been on generic Tegretol (for 2 years come Oct) along with the Focalin XR (for 2 months). Come October, he'll be weened off the Tegretol (for benign seizure disorder) and they want to see if he'll have any more seizures off the med. I'm terrified (since he'll be back in school by then that he'll have reoccurring seizures esp at school and hit his head or something and whether the Focalin will play a part in that. I've heard that ADHD meds increase the risk of having a seizure. I know October a few months away but just the thought of what might happen is driving me nuts.

Also, I'm concerned that the Focalin might not work the same since he'll be minus one med that his body's been used to. Any thoughts would really be appreciated. Thanks.