View Full Version : The Sleeper

06-16-08, 11:01 PM
Dreams from the past come to haunt, waken from unconsciousness
They stretch from an unknown time of slumber
Days for some, years for lucky, seconds for reality
Razor teeth drip with anticipation for carnage
Lusting after the victim that has woke this dreamer

Adrenaline fuels the fire of this of anarchy
It ignites with a desire to destroy, a desire to feed
As the moment arises, reason is erased for its host
It careless whom you are, what you want to be
The beast feeds or your will, your mind, your passion

The explosion is inevitable, kiss all reason goodbye
Caress your heart and try nad fight the pain it holds
Truth can be spared this way, which is the gem of your soul
Overtime the hunger will feed on pieces unprotected
Devouring until you will has collapsed

The is no cure for the beast. it feeds from us all
Taming his desires is impossible
Singing songs into his ears to keep him silent works for a tad
The time will come, no doubt, but when?
Will it be you, me, the neighbor, or the person just walking by?