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06-17-08, 06:07 AM
See I remembered Amazing thing can and do happen:p

Copy of my original question

This afternoon I actually braved the chat room - some one posted they wanted to break the forum record - apparently that happened at ten people - even after we had ten in the lounge more came but apparently they were unable to post -

Is there a setting or some thing that can be changed so more people can get into the lounge at one time?

I was asked while in chat and I did not know but I promised would ask

- Andrew responded with

He wasn't aware of a limit but he was going to check it out.

I will quote the rest of what he said because I will probably mess it up if I paraphrase it

There might be something that needs to be configured. In the meantime, they can just create a new room in chat (maybe max of 10 users per room?)

I copied and pasted the original question and response because writing stuff isn't a real strong suite for me plus I am really tired right now = prime time for screw ups . . . .

Shall update you all as we find out -:)