View Full Version : DORE in Australia

06-17-08, 06:18 AM
What do you think about what's happening with DORE in Australia?

Have you read the latest in The Age (, or watched The 7:30 Report (

08-03-08, 08:17 PM
I read something in the Brisbane Courier Mail about some of the DORE centres closing, I also read something in that same article about money issues too and this doesn't look good for DORE at all.

At one stage I was considering using the treatment (out of sheer frustration and desperation) until I heard that it was $5200AUD and that there was no proper educational, medical or scientific research into this program, with that I gave the idea up fast. However it is a terrible shame that those who have paid the rather expensive fees are now set to lose that money and my heart goes out to those parents, children and adult who sought and paid for this program in the hope that their conditions will improve only to see not only their hard earned money go down the tube but also their new hopes and dreams.