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03-09-04, 01:35 PM
My daughter was diagnosed with depression about 2 years ago. We have just been monitoring her behavior, increasing her activity level and keeping her busy. Lately she has been incredibly moody..... she is 10 1/2 so i'm not sure if the moodiness is hormone related. She has been in tears at school, and at home. She seems to be very angry, but can't explain why she is angry. She lashes out at us and her brother. She is VERY introverted and spends alot of time alone or at home with us. I was just reading up on early bipolar in kids...... I'm ADD and have battled depression my whole life and her brother is ADD. She is very similar to me as a kid.... smart, over achiever, but disorganized.

sooooooooooo....... if she is bipolar??? what meds are we looking at? what do i need to know and how do i go about having her evaluated???:confused:

03-09-04, 02:46 PM

First, have her evaluated by a child psych who has experience with bipolar disorder.

Second, research, read and research!

Here's some information for you:

Recent article on MSNBC:

Here's a new FDA med approved for Bipolar:

Here's another Bipolar med (Lamictal):

and here's a great thread on Bipolar vs ADHD:

Hugss hon.

03-09-04, 02:58 PM
thanks andrew!!!!!!

03-09-04, 03:02 PM
You're welcome! :)

04-19-06, 08:18 PM
My son is married and has bi-polar. He was married about a month before his Dad was killed in a car crash. He wants to become a movie make-director and has done some of this type of work. I've been supporting him and his wife. I bought them a house and paid them to get a business off the ground-(to me it looked doomed)- they wanted to make a music video to show what they can do- He did it "free" - I paid for it but told him I can't support him anymore(advise from Pastor and lawyer and friends. I stopped support in Jan. He's working part time and my daughter in law is so depressed that she wont get out of the house. It seems that he just doesn't see what he has to do and I've taken care of them so much financially that that now I'm the "bad guy mom." I know it would hurt them if I continue to take care of them. I worry because he has diabetis and a form of Scleroderma and can't do alot of jobs because of it but he can to alot of other things- plus the bi-polar- . He's complaining because my daughter in college and I "got the better deal" (insurance from my husbands death) and he just doesn't see that he or they need to get regular jobs and they can't rely on "Mommy". Plus he's not taking his meds-wont go to a free clinic and I can tell he's starting to cycle. I don't won't to "not do anything" except I can pray and continue to keep in touch(he lives out of town) and love them unconditionally. I guess I could use any advise that I can get. Does bi-polar cause poor judgement and wrong desisions? Thanks!