View Full Version : Need Ft. Worth, HEB Dr. Please

06-17-08, 11:07 PM
Can anyone refer?. I need to find a Dr. closer to my job in Ft. Worth since we have to go monthly for the prescriptions. Current Dr. in mesquite and a half day event monthly. Thank you!!:o

08-19-08, 01:02 AM
Dr. William Lawrence
1601 8th Ave Ste B

He's fantastic, I used to go to a guy in Mesquite too, just because he knew about ADHD... Dr. Steven Cohen, same guy?

Lawrence is sometimes hard to get ahold of, but he is very knowledgeable

Good luck!

We're since moved to Vermont, so now I am on a search!!

08-20-08, 02:47 AM
I am unsure why these thing are getting put into the counseling and therapy sections but this is the regional section and much of the information about getting a diagnosis is in the diagnosis section in general ADD

Any way also in the diagnosis section is this list of directories ( that may help