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06-18-08, 08:35 PM
I'm looking for ways to make my life more simple. I like to think of myself as lazy, BUT, intelligently lazy. Why use any more effort then required? ;)

There are many solutions for shoelaces:

Simply tie your laces the 'Bow Tie' way:

This method will make it much more easy and quick to slip your foot into and out of your footwear. Looks great on many sports shoes.

So you're REALLY lazy?

Do the 'Bow tie' method with one of these laces and NEVER tie again! The elastic laces with the bow tie method is ridiculously lazy. Even VELCRO can't compete, lol. :)

Elastic Laces:

Thicker versions usually look better on sports shoes.


This way will offer more support, but you might not be able to locally purchase them. (

Short of ideas? There are over 2 trillion ways to tie shoes with 12 eyelets as I found out on this site:

Okay, now onto something meaningful, like that movie I was watching. :D

06-18-08, 09:46 PM
Velcro works fine.

06-19-08, 09:23 PM
Slip on Converse does well too.

06-20-08, 12:15 AM
I prefer to wear slip on house shoes all day myself. Except the two hours or so I walk my dogs.

06-20-08, 03:02 AM
I can't stand my shoe laces. They are always coming undone. My son needs to learn to tie his shoe laces and have given the task to my husband lol

06-20-08, 03:35 AM
Personally, I used to like sneaking around and tying the shoelaces of both shoes together:p

07-07-08, 12:35 PM
My son loves his skater shoes and has "tied" them in such a way, they resemble big clunky slippers. Ugly, yes. In his mind - they are fabulous. He hasn't tied a shoe in ages, in fact, he got a really good laugh when he had to tie his cleats one day because he was unable to slip one of them on, and he asked his younger bro for some tying tips as he was having a rough time. He had a good laugh with that and so did lil bro who got to help him out.