View Full Version : Lyrica - 2 months+ Update on my health

06-19-08, 04:23 PM
Hi all! I am recovering from a severe flare of fibro and debilitating migraines. The hardest part of this whole experience has been the callous and abusive treatment by two of my doctors. Once I found the right doctors-in St. Louis at Barnes-Jewish, I got a diagnosis very quickly.

After taking my fact only medical history, my neurologist looked at me and asked me why I was not being treated for my migraines and fibromyalgia. Told him I didn't know, no one seemed to think I needed it.

This appointment was on April 9. Any my dr. started me on 150mg of Lyrica. The first 4 days were difficult, it takes a bit to get used to anticonvulsants and the brain doesn't like it much. After 4 days the adjustment effects ended and for the first time in 4 months, my balance was normal. I had been in bed most of the time since December 7th. It all started with the worst migraine I had ever had. During those 4 months my balance was affected to the point of my needing a cane when leaving the house. I didn't trust my body to stay upright without a bit of security.

I have been recovering for a little over two months now. It is slow going and I feel quite frustrated with the difficulty in making progress. Ritalin seems to offset some of the cognitive side effects and I am learning to deal with others. I have not had a major migraine in almost 2 months-a record for me.

For now my drug cocktail is 300mg Lyrica divided into 3 doses 8 hours apart. I set my alarm to not take the meds even an hour late-I can tell when that happens. 150mg of desipramine at night, up to 3mg of xanax a day including a 1mg dose at night, and 36mg of Concerta-it makes a huge difference in the helping the desipramine treat the depression and also helps with my ADHD.

Right now my ADHD seems small potatoes after the battle for a diagnosis. That is another story. I am just glad to have a good ENT and Neurologist now. I am starting with a new pdoc next month-it's been a bad run on trying to find the right one.

VI-Tired and trying to recover.