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06-19-08, 06:07 PM
[interpretive danse]

In Fire and Moonlight,
Devil and Angel

danse macabre,

trace each other's edges,
and write in glistening lines of sweat
intertwined poetry
in praise of the seamless night.

06-21-08, 05:41 PM
[More Letters]

More letters?

About your talent and shine?

About laughter and living
and stars madly swirling through our nights
because you told them dancing lights
made you smile?

About being giddy and silly
because being giddy and silly
feels like our souls are five
and running across summer lawns at night
with sparklers in each hand?

About having breath held
because something real touched you
swam through you like minnows
slivers of living silver
darting near shore?

About falling down and scraping knees
scraping elbows, tearing clothes
and knowing that when the tears dry
you'll do it again because it was so damn fun?

More messages like these?
I can't possibly send them,
can't even figure out how to make them,
I can only open the window,
wait for them to come in
like small, delicate things so often do.

06-21-08, 06:56 PM
[indigo child]

Her story
Reminds me of my daughter,

an indigo child (,
one of those whose age is dawning,
she is wide eyed,
impatient with this world's
self-imposed imperfections,
it's misdirections, it's lies

my blue-light child
flies at the world like the avenging blade of heaven-blessed hero ---

(which is what she is, she will tell you) ---

slashing into each day,
cutting it open,
making room for more
open minds---

who are coming,
she will tell you ---

open each day
find what's yours

and take it

life is too short,
too dear
to be anything but full-on


06-22-08, 12:03 AM
[thank you thank you for getting me...]

it's been crazy since we spoke of embrace,

Now I can't think but to compose,
to devour poetry like watermelon.

Grinning I spit words like seeds,
face smeared and dripping.

It's so peculiar how spitting seeds
impresses some,
while others describe the creative ways
they have devised to clean
the spreading red stain from my clothes.

And bees have taken to picking me up and carrying me about,

kissing the juice from my chin.

06-22-08, 07:10 PM
[approaching storm]

You have learned to embrace
the grace even in that spiritual place
others called depression,
and in that you are reborn.

the energy roaring from you
is the ripeness o the desert
blooming after the rains...

poems grow like storm clouds
and now I must go write them out,
or offend the rain gods
that bless me.

To wish you peace is redundant,
instead, I wish you deepen love
you've so clearly begun
with your life.

Lightning is manifest potential,
and even now,
the deepening, juicy sky,
is charged,
like the air around our name
by a lover.

06-24-08, 04:36 PM
[Profession of Faith]

you are my church
this is where I come to feel holy
to feed the spirit
to touch the sacred

Sanctum Sanctorum

the cool press of stone and silence,
weigh as only space and light can measure them ---
in reverence and awe

here ---
our commingling meditation,
our private devotional
our dissolutive


Somewhere in the dark
a child laughs.


Right before an explosion,
there is a silence pregnant with fire....

that's what this feels like right now

and it just goes on and on.

06-25-08, 07:42 PM
[Long Waves]

It felt like the abandoned quarry in the next county was back in business,
ghostly miners chewing cigars, twisting fuse,
still following the vein of copper that ran out when I was five,

the glass in the windows still sings a low, rattled hymn,
as it has since I awoke,

and a couple times this morning,
as I drank my black coffee and dawdled over my journal

(fountain pen tracing primitive cave-painting sun spirals)

the glasses in the cupboard shook and sounded like nervous chittering animals,
like brittle baby birds calling for a mother who will not arrive before the snake,

my houseplants stir in their pots,
searching for a new sun they sense but cannot quite locate,
bound by roots to their present location,
they press their crystalline minds outward
in that way that we all feel,
but few can identify,

and here, in this chair,
like hearing
torrents of liquid dark matter overflowing from space, falling nearby,
splashing ultra-violet microcosms everywhere

though unseen,
the message is clear:
transmission ---
beaten out on the taut drum head
of the Earth's crust ---

07-01-08, 04:32 AM

crimson kisses left me for dead back there in the concrete underpass

and your deep silver whispers shone like jewels in a black junkyard puddle

07-09-08, 05:30 AM
[mountain dream]

without even trying

you stole the air from around my breath,

and left with an emotion between relief and awe
where shadows and time conspire to create new lines to feed our voices
and new sensations to confound our choices with an honesty like

the inner city heat wave breaking at last
in a black magic midnight blasting


full of lightning and laughter and joyous tenor saxophone thunder
blown from a thousand thankful tenement windows
thrown open to welcome a break in the heat,
a sweet sweet cool.

you were a deep agent provocateur of riotous beauty,
a warrior woman art movement in search of artists worthy of your vision,
an impassioned plea for sanity
just before the shooting starts,

you are a dangerous smile
that ignites desires because it hides

Today, without even trying,
you did what you always do

you made the world stop and stand aside,
so that a little more freedom would be let in

Today you changed everything