View Full Version : ADD software..... MINDNODE and PERSONAL BRAIN

06-21-08, 12:04 AM
hi everyone,

i am attempting to set up some systems for myself so increase my productivity.
My emphasis being to try and work with the ADD brain, rather than against it, which i think i have been trying do for most of my 42 undiagnosed years......

I am playing around with MINDNODE at the moment, a very simple, but very effective way of mapping your thoughts. Unfortuantely this is only a MAC product as far as i know.

Im already seeing HUGE potential for me in this. Alot of my thoughts get lost and tangled up, and hence never amount to much at all. With this program tangents can be embraced!!

Heres the link, for those mac ppl who are interested. And BTW its FREE!!!

The other one i have found is similar, but more complex with more features. It called PERSONAL BRAIN , there is a demo, but the full version is not cheap, they make this for ALL platforms.

I like how these apps are made for how our brains actually work.
It does seem like a big part of the struggle with ADD,well for me anyway, is organizing thoughts, so i can harness my potential......

peace Rabbit:)