View Full Version : program that puts agenda/daily calendar on desktop?

06-22-08, 03:16 AM
I have a pc running Xp and I think I would benefit from having a planner right on the desktop? At work I have a big schedule that's huge and IS the desk I work on...a paper calendar; that works very well for me in real life

I think I need a calendar that is the desktop background- no pictures (or only ones I'd add) and that shows like the month with all the stuff on my schedule and lets me edit it as I go

It would be cool if it had an alarm clock that would play music to wake me up too but I'm not hoping too hard

does anyone know of any program like this? I saw a few through google but not too sure about spyware and stuff. I don't want to slow everything on my pc down

I already use google calendar and it sends stuff to my pda, but when I'm charging my phone and I'm vegging out in front of the internets it'd be nice to reduce the window and see immediately, my schedule floating there

06-22-08, 10:27 AM
the "microsoft works" on my PC's has a calender you can add your appts to, it came with my HP computers