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03-09-04, 11:34 PM
Snook, now a bloated creature with flaccid scaly green skin covering his meat and bone, sat back in his cold stone-carved throne, fat fingers drumming the armrest. His face, though not already much to it except for two black eyes and a mouth, remained stolid as he glanced around the Temple’s throne room. It too was all made from stone –mostly marble, so it all was cold and damp, the air relatively dusty, but all this did not matter to Snook. Snook had come for the occupant of this throne room –this vast temple of the Dark Pines Forest, certainly not because of his looks, but for this creature’s mind due to its particular nature. What made this mind so interesting to take was that it was said to be linked with others like him and then all of them ‘talk’ to what they call the Hive. Each member of this group were called a Quazeph, there titles given to them by a constitution which Snook had seen a copy of, stating there right to Inner knowledge and linkage to this Hive -which may or may not be the center of there civilization. As it was also written that any weak minds trying to link with this Hive would be driven to insanity and their minds broken and scattered, thus killing the individual. But it was all taken as a Myth, folklore for a civilization unknown and untouched by man, but Snook is a common sucker for quests of gold to intakes of knowledge. As for when he had took the Quazeph form and accessed the creatures mind, Snook did feel a link, but traffic was silent. But this did not disappoint Snook yet, as this Temple was said to hold an underneath library of text and scrolls of this Race, its origins, and god knows what else.

Before getting up from the stone throne, something this body could just not do, Snook had to get into another skin suit. It would be rare to find Snook in his standard form, which it was quite to say unique. Short, with black skin and eyes. He changed into this between shifts, as he has to, then take shape of one of the Temple’s guards as a precaution from further conflict. He walked down long corridors lit only by torchlight, finding himself in a labyrinth, as this temple was relatively huge in size. As walking through these corridors, he passed writings and stoned carvings on the walls. Snook, had acquiring himself into their race, became clear on the language to an extent, and began to read the text on the walls. The text was of curses inscribed by scriptures and the history of this Temple. It told of priests who served under the Quazeph whom Snook had slaughtered and the rituals performed here. The rituals were suiting the description of brain surgery and antinomy of those different from them. DNA patterns inscribed into the halls of the marble stone. Snook became immediately intrigued taking everything in, as for he had a photographic progressive reminiscence. The pictures, they spoke of a different story. They spoke of the stars and written all with a mathematical terminology. There were star maps drawn, Snook could make that out, but to where these stars actually were in the skies, Snook did not know. Lines and arrows linked these stars together. Other symbols were drawn, probably of text, but neither Snook nor the Temple guard Snook inhabited knew. Snook continued down the passageway until he arrived at a door at the end of the corridors. A large wooden oak door with a golden handle to open it. Snook had a better idea, then to just open a door he was unfamiliar with. Snook focused on the eyes of the lesser being he was using and was just substituting those with his own. Using his own eyes, which were colorless and seemed to be black endless pits, he looked through the oak door and saw past it a large vacant chamber with shelves and carpet and tables. As Snook saw it was all clear, he changed the eyes back to -normal- and attempted to open the door. As though it was locked probably from on the other side. As of course, at first nothing happened for the first few moments, accompanied with an eerie silence that even discomforted Snook. He tapped the creature’s foot lightly, wondering on the situation. Snook contemplated and handled the situation of someone being on the other side of the door. As he must’ve not killed everyone on the assault made this morning on the temple. As for why the door is locked. He had an idea, to use this body and it’s position to get on the other side of door. He walked up to it slowly, and knocked on the wood and took a step back.

Behind him, as he did not notice at first, the torches that lit the corridors began to flicker out, thus making the labyrinth pitch black. Then, second came a cold draft, that made ~his~ skin shudder. Shadows lingered along the walls of the corridors, haunting the hallways. The door did not open as one normally would on hinges, this one slid into a slit into the wall. Snook watched, only slightly daunted. He shook his head and carried through taking a step into the room, a large thud behind him, as the door closed again. He walked out onto the carpet, his short tail behind him. He titled his head back slightly, to admire the rather high ceiling the room had, in which lanterns hung from the ceiling and also bones of these creatures along with human skulls. Snook -himself- showed no fear or pity for any creature unlike himself. Not that he was any better advanced [even though most often that was the case], Snook was purely arrogant and was never afraid to tell the truth of things. He could always look through a lie, as other creatures were based on deception and lies. He kept on walking, lowering his head, and finding this vacation amusing. Snook would be almost making it to the other door, when suddenly, two huge rock slabs opened up and were opening up like the doors have. Snook heard his head and then the rest of the body, eyes watching the walls open.
Snook thought to himself, finding this craft exemplary. And probably overrated.
From behind the wall, a dark room, like a closet, was located and in this room sat shadows, watching a temple guard stand by a doorway, looking bewildered and out of place. The shadows stirred and mixed and Snook saw clearly this incredulity. Snook to some scope could use magic as well, but what trickery was this? It was… mesmerizing. The shadows stirred and mixed and then dispersed into all corners of the room, moving like light across the walls and under his feet, which gave him chills. Which was unsettling, because he was partial to Black and Gray. A lizard, quite but not exactly like a Quazeph as for he was not as bloated, but similar is stature came walking out, a dark cloak as dark as the shadows covered his body don to his feet. He came out walking slowly, the walls sliding back into place, making the room appear more normal. Though, the air of the room became hot and still. This would have gotten to Snook, if he were not in the lizard form, which seemed to be prune to tropical climate. For a moment more, there was the same silence as outside in the corridors, a silence that played with your mind and you urged something, anything to make a noise because it was too uncomfortable. The cloaked lizard creature walked slowly towards the Temple Guard and stopped several feet in front of him. The lizard figure raised his head and lowered his hood off its head, revealing an aged face with no expression or features; the skin just old and wrinkly, the eyes bad and nearly blind. Snook still went to consider him as a threat, as things were not always what they seemed and he could just as well be a magic user for this temple. The Lizard creature gazed up the Temple guard, looking him up and down, then wondered why a Temple guard as all the way down here through the temple. Snook would hope that this old fool missed the attack raid, to save trouble.

“What are you doing here lesser creature?” The cloaked figure spoke articulately well.

“I was given orders to take a mission run down to the Library and safe guard it at its door, sir.” Snook had the temple guard click in its tongue. Snook was persuasive and highly intelligent, he used this as a pretext. He just hoped that it would work.

“Are we under attack? Who sent you down here?” The Lizard Man clicked, inquisitively giving the Temple guard a cold stare with his old eyes.

Snook smiled, pleasingly, and raised the Temple guard’s head high and clicked, “Sir, everyone else is dead. I sent myself down here.” As again, Snook loved the Truth, as nothing could beat it down. This old fool had to let him go soon.

“Dead you say?” The lizard man clicked and frowned slightly, though in truth he did not care. “By whom were they killed by?” the lizard man snickered and Snook saw it clearly. It was beautiful in a sick sense. Snook could reason with him, giving him details of the war.

“It was a one man army covert attack. He appeared to us at the front gates with the skins of our scouts covering his own black skins and a wild grin over his face. Blood covered his hands, as he then reshaped them into our own claws and gauged at the gatekeepers, spilling their guts and liver onto the desert floor. He shoved the contents into their faces, ordering them to bloody see there own insides. He laughed, as they tried to scream with no lungs. He took their small pink intestines and choked them with it. Leaving the bodies to rot for the flies. Other came at him, but foolishly and overconfident. He called himself only Snook and he was here to seek something and anyone in his way would die. The Quazeph was killed, the bloated king’s stomach ripped open and all its content gushing out onto the floor, a nauseating stench filling the room. Then I saw the small creature take his form as he climbed into the thrown. As when I ran off. He does not know I live.” Snook relished himself into the speech, giving accurate details and horrid images for others to think about. But Snook, he was too conceited in himself at times. This was not his first times as he had to play someone else describing the events of Snook, and usually he lavished. No one had yet to catch on.
The cloaked Lizard Man nodded slowly taking in all that was said. “Sounds like quite an event. Why do you think this Snook is for the library? Hmmm?” He leaned in closely, almost want to say, gotcha. The Lizard Man’s breath stank horribly, as it naturally would.
“It’s the only thing of value we have sir, unless he thought we were carrying gold, in which by now he would fine none and leave.” The temple guard clicked giving a good answer.
The Lizard Man leaned back, and straightened himself up fixing his posture. He rubbed his two handclaws together, ignoring the guard for a moment. “Make sure that he as left. If you catch him, bring him to me.” The Lizard man waved him off, telling him to leave. Then he raised his hood and had the walls open again, the shadows falling back into the closet area from their corners. It was the last mistake the old fool would ever make… he just stepped into his own tomb. The doors of fate literally were sealing themselves closed. All Snook had to do was make sure they would never open again. He wanted to avoid a clear fight, in which he had to get aggressive. Why use your fists when you could use your head? Snook snickered.
He had stepped out of the room as a Temple Guard, but before the doors closed, he reentered as himself. The little black creature with yellow eyes. He just looked too cute, eh? All he needed was a heat spell and it would all work out. His mind ran through the short list of magic attacks Snook had learned in his original state, as when his magic was most potent. Which made sense. And luckily he had just one to fry the two separate slabs together. His lips began to move, his chanting one step behind:
“Al heity de Rensco Fishero Calps.”
His right arm stretched out forward, his hand opening, fingertips stretching outward. The two slabs or rock, separated by the smallest of cracks, began to mush together, compress and harden. Heat was added at the ends of each slab, thus melting it like concrete, mush the to softened ends together, and reharden it. There was a silence behind the wall. He more expected clamor, or fists being pounded against the wall, demands to be let out. But none if the above came and so Snook began to change form, his molecules and DNA changing to the patterns of that of a Temple guard. He did not know what else he could run into, anything that would cause setbacks. Once in Temple guard form, he proceeded to the other doorway, which opened for him, and he started down the corridor. It was then, of course, after the door had closed, that the wall began to crack and split open, long tendrils of black shadow began to thrust out wildly, two crimson eyes seeping through the rock wall. Revenge was fresh, as he had seen all that had happened, not with his eyes as Snook could see through walls, but with his mind. Using it as a third eye, which had much better perception of things. [[Character is open to playing]]
Snook walked down the corridor, his guard up and his pace steady. He was winding downwards, as for new knew the library should be underground, so going down was the right direction. There were more text on the walls, but harder to read. There were to big of gaps to make sense of it, so Snook left it alone. But Snook had noticed that on the ceiling of the corridor, there was an entire star map and charts. And again the charts and stars were connected with lines, looking like routes. Snook wondered just what kind of race was these lizard men were. He followed the corridor down a length ways, until he came to another door, a large steel door with markings painted on it. Let’s see what door number had inside. He walked up to the door and knocked politely, as he did with the other door. Something flickered to life on the side of the door, a small gray box with two green blinking lights. Snook eyed this carefully, studying it. Suddenly a red light flashed up, a voice came from the box:
“Relevance of Destination?”
A lizard man clicked in there language. Snook thought for a moment on how to answer the question. To be formal or diplomatic in the issue of getting a door open? Life and these little comical decisions, he was only glad he was not head of any nation or court. Snook decided a new approach and ignored the intercom device. Snook’s molecules of DNA began to change to a creature quite larger and bulkier then that of a Temple guard’s. When the intercom flickered to life again, Snook had smashed the piece of equipment with a large clenched fist and then left it alone. He then walked to the steel door and began to pound on it, the steel resisting and making a large thud sound that shot through the hallways. Oh yes, he was denting the steel, but this sucker seemed to not want to break. The creature took a step back with its dumb look and then Snook changed to his original black body. It was then that the door opened. Ten Lizard Men all in jungle colour uniform came rushing with spears, to expect something more then the creature Snook. They all looked dumb puzzled and looked at one another until one stepped forward as Snook identified as the leader. Snook stood straight, arms clasped behind his back, his head held up high. There was a 10-foot gap between the two.
“I come undefended and with good intentions. But that’s not what you want to hear. The large thudding sound that dented your door, I sent the creature off, he’s killed off the rest of the Temple.” Snook spoke in there language, a serious of clicks and squeaks.
For a moment there was silence, the Captain of the regiment looked at Snook bewildered and blasted away by the information. He was probably more wondering how Snook could send something of possible massive size off. As nothing was being said during the time period, behind his back, Snook began to change his arms to those of the lizard men’s with the 3 long claws, but stopped at the last moment, holding his hand between stages of morphing, to await what this guard wants. As finally, the guard did speak. “As for award, we let you walk away freely and more proudly alive. But this offer is only good once.” The Captain spoke discordantly, but only to get his point across. And to imply that he did not want to fight, seeing Snook as a waste of time. He turned on his feet and walked back to his regiment, motioning his men to go back through the door.
“I have a better offer.” Snook yelled, to make sure that he was heard.
The Captain vehemently snapped his head back at Snook, his eyes glaring. His patience wearing thin. “What?” He barked.
This response was suspected to come as Snook did not react to the lizard’s own tone of voice. He simply grinned and nodded. “You pay me to keep your lives.” Snook was well confident, happy even in this madness. The Captain saw this and was figuring he was underestimating. Snook dwelled over the lizard man’s discomfort. “Is it a deal?”
The Captain bellowed a roar from deep of his lungs and throat, and extended out a long finger at Snook. The whole effect had Snook shivering. Perhaps he too was underestimating the Lizard Men. “You need to learn how to compromise. Obtain this creature’s head.” He drew his finger back in and clenched a fist. They charged at Snook, spears pointing at him, ready to stab at the flesh and watch it bleed.