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This is a nice little clip about one women's crusade to get artificials out of our food. She had a personal experience with their effects on her children's behavior that motivated her.

There are also lots of comments written by others with similar experience in the comment section.

Also, I read the book "healing the childhood epidemics" by the doctor Ken Bock who is in the interview. I though the book was excellent.

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This is very good advice:

'But some, like child behavioral expert Dr. Andrew Adesman of Schneider Children's Hospital in New Hyde Par, N.Y., don't buy into the claim.'

"I think perhaps we're better off eating less artificial coloring on the one hand. On the other hand I think it's irresponsible to suggest this is a major cause for hyperactivity," Adesman said. "I think the data don't support [that] this is causing most problems for most children."