View Full Version : Second day teaching and i am a little scared

06-26-08, 10:05 PM
hi i just started teaching at a day care through first grade school and i am scared that i am not going to be able to teach them properly. i say this because along with add i am dyslexic and it sort of hinders my explaining things. when i student taught i had a little of this problem and it scares me to death, eventhough the students understood what i was trying to teach them. please. guys fellow teachers if you have any advice for me please please help me!:confused:

06-26-08, 10:24 PM
Well you've gotten this far so you must be perfectly capable of teaching kids.

It's perfectly normal to have self-doubts when starting a job, perhaps feel scared, and maybe even anxious and feel like a fraud. It's normal. By the end of next week or so, your nerves will have settled down.

06-27-08, 11:51 AM

Starting a new job is soooo nerve wracking. What helps me stay on task is over planning my lesson plans. I write them hour to hour and include everything I would like to accomplish during that time. I generally get 1/2 of my goals done, but sometimes I get them all. The next week, I use the old plans to write new ones.

You'll get a good idea on what you can accomplish and what your teaching style is like after some time. Place a large schedule somewhere in your room (by a clock) so it will help you determine how much time you have left. Use the walls in your room to help you remember teaching points. It also looks like you're doing it for the kiddos and not yourself.

Good luck.