View Full Version : Magnolia Brave and Strong

07-01-08, 01:20 PM
Remembering you...

A Mother's love
Burns Strong in the Heart
When the new love comes
Another must depart

Not all of the memories
are of love and glory
Many can be
of fights and the fury

Or perhaps, just maybe
Feelings were shared
Never assume, that nobody cared

No one Mom is perfect,
that's all plain to see
But a love of a Mother
Never asks you to be

07-01-08, 01:54 PM

Some times I feel sad
I really don't know why

Anything can happen
and make me want to cry

I try to guess my feelings
and say I'll be allright

Things could always get better
and it's possible they might

But still that feeling stays nearby
there is nothing I can do

Except to reach and find the strength
So I can see it through

07-01-08, 02:04 PM

Standing here before you
all these questions in my heart

Looking for the answers
I don't know where to start

Am I on the right path
to the place I need to be

Maybe I could get there sooner
If I could forgive me...

Show me the way
I want to see the day
Where I can lookahead with pride
and not look back with shame.

07-01-08, 04:15 PM
Your Time

Who are you That can say these things
the sun will shine, as the pretty bird sings
Why do you get to decide
ignore an apology, run and hide

I give no more shiny reflection
unable to match your Idea of perfection
I make mistakes, I always admit
But I never give up, I never quit

Now is your time, time to care
Tough love so viscious
almost malicious
Now is your time, time to care