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07-13-08, 04:41 PM
OK, fellow ADD'ers, here is the first question from my ADD encounter group workshop (one that I developed but never gave, for several reasons):

What labels have you been given as a result of your having ADD/ADHD?

Mine have been: Lazy, late, stupid, slow, retarded, childish, scattered, & dumb.

08-03-08, 12:44 PM
Hi Dex4Me,

But, now, you've called yourself Dex 4 Me. A name that immediately clicks you into my short list of people (as opposed to the longer list of "merely humans") 'cause it suggests that you find Dexedrine to be the most desirable compensatory medication for you which means we agree on something important right out of the gate.

For the purpose of this forum I've elected to call myself Jade Emperor; which I didn't do to have fellow students of Taoism think of me as pretentious, but to use something that could resonant all the way up to the highest level appropriate.

In real life I am called Robert (never, never, ever Bob, Bobby or Robby) or otherwise, ro-Bert which used to mean the name for a warrior, Bert, with the same prefix as is on ro-Mancy or Romance (a mancy being a craft or skill and "ro-" meaning the highest).

This week, in particular, I'm practicing releasing past insults while looking forward to establishing a relationship with a new clinic soon and getting back to some of the previously mentioned compensatory medication. Om.

Nevertheless, and on the topic of miss-labeling; I have been in the last year amazed, no shocked, in the frequency of doctors who wouldn't recognize ADD/ADHD if it bit them and don't have a clue what the medication they prescribe does.

What's the second question? Hey! Look at that cloud.

11-24-08, 10:17 PM
Immature, stupid, idiotic, childish, irresponsibile, a nutter, crazy, blabla.

11-25-08, 01:21 AM
A more recent one for me that was a real hoot was by a doctor and that was "amphetamine addict"... I talked that one over -- with a new doctor. OK, "dependent" I'll accept providing that they remember how that happened to come about. After all, it's about the only reason I've got to root for Western Civilization these days... I'd hate to see the pharmaceutical industry go under just now. LOL.

Certain people who appreciate such skills have called me "someone who does his best work in his sleep" (not realizing that to a greater or lesser extent I was never completely awake previously anyway) and I'd been called "a threat to established social order" before along with "eccentric" but mainly I've been accused of having an "artistic temperament", mostly by people who don't know what that means. To the art teachers I was mostly "someone who didn't follow through on his assignments very well".

I know I haven't posted anything recently, ...been busy -- it's amazing the difference a doctor that doesn't display (what they would call if it was me doing it) "oppositional behavior" makes. By the way, the US National Institute of Mental Health officially recommends 60mg/day (that's equivalent for Ritalin, Dexedrine and Adderall) for people who are over 50 kilograms of weight. That observation would probably be better in the sections about medications, but one couldn't be serious about expecting me to attend to details like that.