View Full Version : Any one know whjere to get desoxyn cheap?

07-15-08, 06:36 AM
I have no insurance and no way to be able to work can anyone help me find a way to gey assistance coupons or anything of that sort wtih my med's since I am only partialy disabled and S.S. departmet will not help me with nothing and I have to go to a hearing in 1,2 or even 3 yrs. If ever. Adderrall, Dexidrine, Destrastat basicaly anything from the Dextra side of the amphet; isitope gives me these puss pekets and when they closed the only maeker of generic dex (methaamphetamine Hydrochloride I had to go back to the Meds that have given me a staff infecrion for alomost three years and the dex is the ony things I can rremember taking that gave me basicly no side effects but to get half of to none at all of side effects I really need help because just 90 pillls from the chepest place is over $324. I have to go adn eat fomething wll bd bak in.

ADHDTarheel (Jim_