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07-18-08, 01:00 AM
I live in this dumpy 100 year old house. I am on a VERY limited income and have looked for other places but anything that isn't totally run down or in a very bad area costs atleast half of what I make per month. I feel as if I am stuck.

I am looking into public housing but the problem is that I might not be able to take my dog with me. That s*cks because my dog is my baby and I have had him since he was a puppy. He is now 8 years old so I am very attached to him. Plus I don't like apartments very well because of noise and lack of privacy. And my dog is very hyper ( a Jack Russell Terrier) and he barks a lot. And I am ashamed of living in the "projects". So what am I going to do?

Well, I need to vent about my house. My house is over 100 years old and is a rat's nest. It looks so bad on the outside that the neighbor's put a big privacy fence up that seperates their house from mine. There is another line of privacy fence on the other side. My house is an eyesore and I get very very depressed when I come home.

There is rotting wood and some green mold on one side of the house. My bedroom window is broken from the outside and the window sill on the outside is green, moldy and rotten.

When I pull my car in back, I am greeted with a nasty looking porch. It's concrete with lots of huge cracks in it. The roof to the porch had a bunch of rotting wood on it so they put up this ugly sheet metal to cover it up. It looks like crap. The inside of the house is always musty smelling even if I clean. It smells like mold. The kitchen floor is slanted and sloping. There are soft spots in the bedroom floor. Don't get me started on the bathroom. Ok, I will get started. It's the worse part of the house. It's nasty. I have been on their case for MONTHS for them to do something about it. The bottom wall next to the tub is all rotted. They have put duct tape over it but the tape is becoming lose. Their is black mold around the tub. And to top it off my tub leaks. They have been notified about it several weeks ago plus I have given them a few reminders.
It leaks so bad that I can empty it after a bath, put the plug in, and have the tub half full while I am asleep.

The floor around the tub is a little soft and saggy, too.

Now the toilet is leaking. It has been 3 days since I told them about it but nothing has been done.

They do enough to keep the place from being condemned but could give a crap less if it is enjoyable for me. I pay the rent on time every month too. That really irks me to no end.

I have a bad phone line and the floor also slants in the living room.

My front porch is sagging and the white paint is chipping. the top of the porch was rotting and falling off. They do build a new top using ugly metal. Nice huh?

I have had it with this house!!! But all I can afford is another dump.

Thanks for letting me vent

07-18-08, 09:08 AM
Have you ever looked at the rental listings on There tends to be more unique listings there, and less apartment type complexes. You could report your landlord to Health and Human Services but it sounds like this landlord of yours would not be the type to be able to work things out with. Perhaps they could offer you some suggestions or referrals though.

07-20-08, 05:17 AM
call health and human services, in some cases they can force landlords to maintain properties (or take away their privilege of renting it out)...most landlords will comply with their demands more readily than with yours. dependng what state you live in, it may also be illegal for them to evict you because you called in HHS.

call HHS and ask, at least.