View Full Version : My Therapist- GRRRR

07-18-08, 01:12 AM
I like my counselor. She is nice but she irked me the other day. I was complaining about my toilet leaking and getting the floor all wet and how they are taking their sweet old time fixing it. Well, I am upset because leaks cost money in water bills and that it gets the floor very wet and will cause the floor to rot if not treated in a reasonable amount of time.

She makes a joke. She says, " Oh my," in a sarcastic tone. Then smiles when she says, " so you're crapped out because you're having trouble with your crapper". Well she knew how stressed out I am about this. Plus I have other things bugging me. On the fourth of July weekend I was suicidal and thinking about ending it all. I had the suicide note ready and had a baggy full of pills to take. ( a mixture of tylenol, lithium, adderall, and sleeping pills).

Do you think she was being insensitive or am I over reacting. I would have liked to cuss her out but I ignored her.

07-22-08, 08:48 PM

Sorry she was being insensitive. . . I'm sure it wasn't intentional . . .

She probably didn't realise it would upset you that much, and was just trying to be clever. . . do you feel comfortable enough to tell her that that comment bothered you?

07-22-08, 09:41 PM
Maybe she was trying to see things in an amusing way (lighthearted way), but sort of has low EQ or something -- and did not really assess your mood well when trying to be clever.