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03-11-04, 02:39 PM
i want to know if there other Adults with learning problems... the last gread in school was the 8th grade.. i would have to say my reading level is about the 6 th grade there are times i have to ask my daughter how to spell words, she is 15 and has a 3.7 grade i thank god everyday she didnt get ADD... but my other to children have learning problems i have trouble with math also i dont know all of my time tables.. i have went back to school in the past but just could not do it.. this was befor i new about my ADD, now that i know i want to go back to school but with the kids and work.. im a single mother the father doesnt help souport them so thats why i say its hard. alot of my friends and family dont know i have learned to hide it very well

Thank you

I looked in the mirror today
and there was a new reflection to see
After so many years
how could this reflection be new to me?
I've changed as a person
become stronger and more alive
I've been through hard times
and learned I can survive
I've screamed and I've hurt
I've laughed and I've cried
There were many days
I wished I had died
But this new reflection
showed so much more
It showed me my good side
what the future has in store
There will always be hurt
there will always be pain
But somewhere in the midst
there will be sunshine after the rain
I won't always hurt inside
I won't always be sad
There are so many other emotions
still left to be had
Some days will be joyful
and I'll have a smile on my face
Others will be tearful
the day I'll want to erase
But that's all part of life
take the good with the bad
Thank God to be alive
for all the good times that I've had
I'm glad to finally see my reflection
it's taken a long time to appear
I'm not scared of the world anymore
now I see there's really nothing to fear

03-11-04, 02:53 PM
Hugs April!!
I have Left Brain LD, I don't know all my times tables either...I can't remember them & math just doesn't make sense to me past the basics...but i did manage to pull a gpa of 3.87 in college & was a average kid in high school in general classes. I rewrote my notes in college...EVERYTHING... to get it in my head and it helped. I think the act of rewriting it made my brain slow down enough to process the information. Your brain will start to learn new ways to process information. I have to focus really hard to read. I didn't go to college till I was 26ish...
Go for it & get past the intro classes!! Best Wishes!!

concerned mom
03-16-04, 03:10 PM
I have dyslexia . I have only a 9th grade education. I have a 8th grade level on reading and writting . I Believe on Math I have a 6 grade level. I try to stay away from Math problems as much as possible. Thankfully my 9yr and 8yr are ahead of the class when it comes to math. I didn't want them to have the feelings I do in Math so when they were little instead of playing the quite game in the car we would play the adding game. I know some of my times tables. I still count on my fingers to this day and I doudt I will ever stop.

I also don't like to read books because I will read a page and sometimes forget what I just read. 2yrs ago though I picked up a romance novel and actually read the whole thing . I didn't have to reread any of the pages . I felt wonderful but now I can't find one that seems to intrest me enough to actually read it.

03-25-04, 04:58 AM
Dear April,

I was a slow learner as well. It took me many months more months to learn English alphabets(English is my second/third language) also to tell the Time/clock..was always bad in maths..

I think for studies'll have to somehow raise your interest level...I was bad at Accounts...there are couple of things in 11th standard that took me around 3-4 years to figuure out..
But I tried...I started with simple solutions, I made my own notes, made them look interesting with colors..footnotes, whatever part of any sujbect that I understood i wrote the explanations of it in my own words...there are various small things that can make you achieve at school, college level. Taking one day at a time...and keeping up with one portion, small bites...building up confidence slowly and giving self lot of pep talk after every small victory.

I know its hard going back to school..even without the added responsibiity that you have on your shoulders...but You can make it..

You can come to this group for encouragement, support, it really helps to have love, caring, support of friends who know about add.

I read your poem and loved it very much. I wish I could be that person in that poem to have such reflection of freedom..I hope to get there..

It takes courage to follow your dreams to set out to be the person in your I wish you all the Very Best,

May Success be With You,

With Love & Blessings,


03-27-04, 12:26 AM
Thank you Nachi
im still working on going back to trying some how to fit in with the kids and wo

03-27-04, 12:28 AM
Thank you Nachi
im still working on going back to trying some how to fit in with the kids and work but im going to it ive told my self over and over i have to this its nice to know that i can talk about this

03-27-04, 12:31 AM
ok i dont know how i did this but i did and i cant cancel it sorry lol

04-21-04, 04:29 PM
well ok I DID IT i started my GED classes the first day i went got kinda depressed because i felt like i was the only one in the room with such low scores i thought about not going back to be honest but i did this means alot to me to do this. i am going to do this even if takes a year or more. well i just wanted to let everyone know take care