View Full Version : A good doctor in las vegas for adult ADD?

Mister U
07-18-08, 07:36 PM
I've been searching online trying to find a psychiatrist who might be good. I've been sort of thunderstruck lately because I have always had SO many problems and I have been to many shrinks as a child and I got put on lots of drugs but got horrifying results that made me stay away from them for many years in spite of a lot of depression, which I have only started to treat recently using my regular MD. Now in the last six months I have read about ADD after reading up on basically every mental illness or disorder and discarding them all one by one even though I seemed to have some aspects of some of them. Unfortunately I don't have insurance so I can't afford to go back and forth over and over to doctors until I get someone who will give me the help I need without the runaround. I got some samples of Straterra today, but it gave me MASSIVE side effects, tingling all over, painful orgasm, difficulty peeing, heart racing at intervals. Basically adrenaline overdose. I take wellbutrin at the same time, and it seems to actually help more with keeping me focused than it does with depression, but it also has aspects I don't like. It seems like the Straterra is just like the Wellbutrin but without most of its benefits. All the bad and little (none?) of the good. This probably sounds very druggy, but I am not like that at all and am actually terrified of drugs and addiction due to my bad experiences as a child, but I tried some of my friend's Adderall XR for a week to see if I was right about having ADD and it was absolutely perfect. It was strange because it made me feel very SLEEPY when it kicked in, extremely calm, and at night for the first time in my life I could sleep like a normal person without taking loads of sleeping aids of some kind or only getting a couple hours of sleep. It also made me feel a lot of the 'feel good' aspect of Wellbutrin. Basically it was like all the GOOD of Wellbutrin except times 5, without the bad part - which I guess is anxiety. I am even hopeful I can ditch my (very expensive) Wellbutrin prescription if I can get Adderall XR. I also felt more confident, and ultimately I did not feel like I was on a drug at all. Everything else I try seems that way (except sedatives, which have virtually no affect on me), and the Wellbutrin is very strong like that. I know I'm on it for sure. With the Adderall, it's like I am basically...normal. I can REMEMBER things. I can control myself and not say or do crazy things. I can drive for more than 45 minutes or wait in line 5 minutes without feeling like I am having a panic attack. I really want to get this as soon as possible because I believe it will dramatically help me with my work, but I also have to worry about cost a bit, and I'd also like a psychiatrist that might be of more use than simply dispensing pills for me if that's at all possible. I know there's not much treatment for ADD except drugs, but someone who could give me some coping tips or whatever would be preferable. Someone who knows ADD and is not a complete quack. Anyone like that here in Vegas?

07-18-08, 07:47 PM
OMG dude..
...Vegas has no doctors that i could find.

I was instructed to go to cali to a doctor.
....when i was there, malpractice insurance TRIPLED and Dr's left in droves.

I wish I had found one.
....I hope you can.

the street drugs are such a problem there, getting a controlled substance prescribed was
all but impossible.

if you are'nt an addict, maybe something like stratterra could help you.
.....It did'nt help me.
and that's what they like to give us there.

because of that, my self medicating destroyed me.

Mister U
07-18-08, 07:54 PM
It does seem hard to find anyone decent. I think I can probably get it through a place called the 'ADD clinic' but they seem to be pretty slimy so I'd rather go to someone else if possible. The strattera is causing me serious problems after one day. I had not heard of it before I got it, but stacking it on top of wellbutrin is probably the problem since they seem to have similar mechanisms.

07-18-08, 08:00 PM
I wish you luck.

04-01-09, 01:02 PM
Dr. Joy Landers.
The last time I saw her she had an office near Buffalo and The Summerlin parkway.
Also, Dr. Pamela Gaston-Eastburg MS is a good counselor. She is the one who referred me to Dr. Landers.Hope this helps

06-09-09, 08:55 AM
What if you have no insurance? Is there anywhere to go?

09-22-09, 10:21 AM
I was going for two years or so to the A.D.D. Clinic, it seemed ok but I didn't really feel like I could talk to the doctor (Doctor Cordyn Clark, if I recall) and hey I was sixteen whatever. I'm going now to Oasis Behavioral, it's on warm springs and stephanie, seeing Dr. Anuranjan Bist, MD. He seems to know his way around the medication, put me on the I.R. Adderall because my past history with Concerta wasn't too great. I pay a $20 copay because i'm with Teachers Health Trust, but I dont know prices without.