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07-25-08, 12:37 PM

as planetdave mentioned his MP was helpfull i thought about giving mine another go.

my history is too long to go into detail, but 13 years ago i had problems that forced me to seek medical help, i may have explained things in other posts maybe i need a blog or something somehwere.. but the involvement with the local NHS has been extremly intensive b4 I decided they were far more harm than good.

but i havnt a clue where to to start with this how do I aproach it ?

I have contacted my previous MP kerry Pollard, but he just wrote to the PCT and they wrote back to him and said theyve investigated it thouroughly and assured him everything was ok.

I have exhuasted every avenue. i am considering complaints but this is long and hard and ive tried before and ended up worse off as this was used agaisnt me.

My current MP is Anne Main, i think if im not going to be brushed off again I need to get my MP to be so motivated that she makes it clear shes not going to accept this situation going on any longer.

theres so many points I dont know where to start but

1) my notes date back to 1995 and are used as an excuse to exclude adhd yet those peoples notes will now contradict the new NICE guidlines.

2) the cost is stagering my benefits alone , I get my mortgage paid, all the disablity things, wich amount to a lot, and I could of been working and paying 20k+ a year in taxes instead all for the last 13 years.

3) they have repeatedly chosen to take the opinions of doctors who have failed to treat me in preference to private/nhs clinicians who have diagnosed adhd and treated me very beneficial. yet they try and argue it wasnt beneficial.

4) not to mention 13 years of my life have been thrown away and the un necessary sufering being left with no medication.

5) and as for the future costs and my health and rights etc...

6) adhd has clearly moved on and the new NICE guidlines are clearly going to cuase every PCT to then be considered to be doing abismaly in this respect.

7) eficiency of resources was mentioned, I hate to think how much 13 years of countless counsultations have cost and 3 long stays in hosipital all of wich have done nothing but make my health worse as knowing there was a med wich proved so incredibly effective, and being denied realy i think drove me out of my mind. anyone like to have a gues?

how much does it cost the NHS for my last psych who took 2 hours to read my notes then come with 3 other people to see me at home for another hour ?

could the cost of my problems over the last year come to costing the country several million ?

and yet the dexedrine is about 5 pence a tablet, its insane, no wonder I lost my mind.


but i think of all this then im totaly stumped as soon as i think of a letter to write to my MP. im jost so totaly bewildered and just think i dont have a clue where to start. maybe just airing my views here will at the least help me begin to focus...

the best outcome would be if my MP could just simple make them see sense. im not sure of going thru the sort of battles I went through before is going to lead me to anything worthwhile, even if I eventually win this time.

obviously I think I need to get accros a lot of details at some point but all of it would be far too much for me and probably for my MP to take into account all at once.

now ive writen this im wondering if I just sent this to my MP as is, it might get the ball rolling ?

07-25-08, 01:57 PM
Your numbered points are similar to how I phrased my own letter to my MP - which worked a treat for me and had health professionals jumping up and down and writing reports back to justify themselves.

Name names and give their positions and how they relate to your treatment (or lack of). The more specific you can make things the better, they will have their boss looking over their shoulder and pushing their pens to cover their arses.

And if you didn't use it before it's a doddle to e-mail your MP - just google 'e-mail my MP' and it'll come back with a helpful website.

07-25-08, 02:43 PM
thanks, yes i realised at the end id almost writen what was needed, but big trouble is my attention span.

once anything gets over a page or posibly two i cant read it through and check it.

also i write it poorly and add bits then decide I need to swap paragraphs around to fit in what I wrote, and not realsie its all become giberish.

then il read it a day or two later and think huh what on earth is al this? and have to start again >.<

maybe if i get the big points acros and say im not well enough to write so much more but would she think she'd be interested enought to make it worth me going into a very great dettail, and if theres any way she could offer help for me to get all the facts etc, I know they have secretaries etc.

07-25-08, 05:30 PM
I know my MPs email and just drafted a quick letter
wich said how difficult it was for me to put it al down and
if they could help me draft a reasonabl eeletter to make it easy for my MP.
however i got carried away and it got quite long.

ive included just a couple of key issue of miss spending of nhs money in the past
and the future implication of the NICE report if they dont change their ways.
with regard to people like me pursuing them at vast taxpayers expense if they are awkward about it.

although actually that paragraph is a bit more elequent than coresponding bit in my current draft wich says that in a rather long winded way.

im not sure if to cut it short and just ask for help to draft a letter, or leave those couple of points in there wich makes it quite long, il just leave it in my draft folder for now. im far too tired now to make decisions now.

I have also added quite a lot of summary points to the above numbered points list
particularly with reference to the above paragraph. but its become totaly disorganised, its become rather random colection of sentances, but this is just a scratch pad document.

07-28-08, 02:00 PM
well i gave up with that draft, and tried to put a bit more down, but then went back to a simpler draft, but now ive got up to 13 pages lol.

My MP is on hol til next week though so ive still got some time to tidy it up.

I just spent today figting with the spell checker, oh and seem to have added more pages as it was only 6 yesterday lol. I looked up that ICAS was suposed to be able to help me draft a leter but the person who knows my case is on holiday, geez is everyone on holiday ? my gp has a 3 weel holday too !

I want a holiday :(

I think its been so easy in the past to dismiss my problems on one basis or another, and my last MP simply acepted the PCT assurance that they done everything ok.

So i want to include enough to make sure theres no way she can acept such a dismisal.

is 13 pages too much ?
I gues MPs probably get a lot to read, i hope they can speed read or have a heck of a lot more energy than I do.

ive tried to explain the layout a bit and put some section breaks and lots of sumary points at the end. but ive had to include a huge section of my 13 years history.

ive put down all the points of i could think of that have been given as excuses and refered to the NICE guidlines wich state these as wrong and reasons for peiople getting misdiagnosed with depresion etc .. although if i was to include quotes from the guidlines this would be a lot, but I said I could if she wasnt convinced.

i keep thinking of something to add and go and add it where i think it should go, then realise ive spilt two paragraphs up that make sense only when next to eachother.
but i think ive managed to make those paragraphs make sense on their own.

my writing is terrible realy, although i can write code as easy as cake,...

The amount of energy ive managed to put in to this has amazed me today. I think its anger, but its never been able to be controllable before, i think as Ive said before my hate seems to have gone wich usualy comes with the anger.

ive been reading abit about my mp she seems quite reasonable to me, its amasing what you can find, I wonder how it is like having a high public profile, its not somethiing i could realy think of. theres even statistics of how strongly shes voted on issues, wich u can probably fond for any mp. amazing, or is it amasing, lol, i just found i was using the wrong English in the spelchecker lol.

07-28-08, 02:11 PM
Thirteen pages might be a bit much Colin. Though it might not, yours appears a much more complicated and long winded experience than mine.

I'd suggest you get a bit of help proof reading to make sure it isn't rambling. Do you have anyone?

And it's probably doing you good to get it out. Cathartic an' all that.

07-28-08, 02:48 PM
thanks yeah i agree, as for proof reading, im not sure who i could get, 13 pages is quite a bit to ask someone to proof read, and my advocates seem to be on holiday.

im not sure who I'd trust not to just smply say thats fine, even if they knew it wasnt just to be polite.

maybe if i sent it to my MP's office so someone there could read it (wich im sure things would get read by a secretary first anyway) and asked it they could tel me if the lenght would make it a problem for her to have time to read, or if indeed it was rambling or didnt make mush sense.

I think i do ramble a little bit perhaps. is that an adhd trait too ?
i find many things I read seem like they ramble too much but thats me being impatient.

Also it would be further in front ot the queue of leters shel have when she gats back.
but il do that tomorow now, il prob ring her london office and ask, her local office told me she was on hol, and its best to send stuff to the london office, they seemed very patient, you know sometimes your brain tries to say so much it just stalls as it tries to say it all at once, well they were very patient when I explained the point i was writing about also makes it difficult for me.

but parliamentry issues are complicated, i mean the NICE guidlines are 300+ pages.

but she must get so many letters, im sure many arnt deserving of an MP's attention, but I decided to title it "NICE report on adult adhd is 30 years too late" but im not sure if 30 years is a fair figure. i think theyve known adult adhd has existed for 30 years havnt they?

the email is actualy 108k in rich text but theres no formating, doesnt seem to tel me how many words there are. it surprised me when i copied it into open office and was 13 pages lol.

but ive not use a word processor for so many years its easier to type in simple editor like with outlook express. i can type and type atm somehow, but having to wade thru menus to find out why its formating stupidly was too much for me.

i was gona read it thru and see how long it took, but sheesh its too hot here today ...

I think the important thing is to have some form of hope, thats what seems to determine my state of mind more than anything else. false hope is usels tho lol.

PS. i think i might make it into a word document and send it as an atatchment,
then take out the bit wich talks about how long it is and how dificult it is for me etc,
and put that in the email itself asking if they can tel me if its ok
and perhaps even highlight the important bits to make it easier for my MP or something if they feel its necessary.

08-03-08, 04:34 PM
Keep it short concise and punchy, concentrating on how you getting the right meds would allow you to become a productive taxpaying member of society.

If you feel that your case needs fully explained stick that detail in an appendix or separate document providing dates times etc of contacts with your PCT.

I am actually a bit confused..... once one is diagnosed wth ADD/ADHD it doesn't matter whether it was done by the NHS or privately it should be on your file and be part of your record, allowing your GP to prescribe on the NHS as happens with me.

So ultimately it's in your GP's hands and his/her decision which becomes a personal thng for them as to whether they are willing to go out on a limb for you and prescribe "off label" knowing they could be held liable if things go wrong.


08-03-08, 06:52 PM
Why not get a little hand held recorder, speak into that what you want to say, then type what you have said.

It might shorten it a bit and maybe make it easier for you.

Just a thought. :)

08-04-08, 05:17 AM
yeah i tried that once before and got some one else to type it, but that was a lot shorter.

Ive written another letter now, wich is about 3 pages, and a bit easier for me to manage, and im gona put the rest into a seperate document.

my MP is only back from holiday today i think.

08-04-08, 01:33 PM
well Ive finaly got a letter off, explaining a lot of the points i want to make in 1.5 pages and explaining theres a further 13 pages wich im too tired to sort out, and ive been trying to get help with for over a week now lol.

I was hoping ICAS would help but they can only help with NHS.

ive already realised ive forgot to mention a few points, one of wich i cant get out.

08-04-08, 01:49 PM
I have read most of the above, can't remember much of what I read though,lol

I don't understand why they have to make it so difficult for people to get a thorough and proper diagnosis , and to be treated with the correct medication , regardless of whats been said about you in the past,

I can feel a ramble coming on, so i will stop, but good luck ,I hope you get somewhere