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07-26-08, 01:39 PM
Just found this forum, sorry if i'm repeating anything that others have asked.
I thought i may have add about two years ago, I went to my gp who was helpful and thought i may have the condition. He reffered me to a local psychiatrist. I was very dissapointed with the assessment she decided that as I appeared quite relaxed that I didn't have the condition. She said there was no adult treatment strategy anyway so she could refer me for assessment but there is no point. She recommended a course of CBT which I declined. So I just forgot about it.

It seems that some people are getting treatment now so I thought It might be worth persuing again.

I noticed that there are some centers doing diagnosis/treatment. With so many options I'm confused as to how to procede.
I was wondering which are the best options for asking for refferal when i go to see my GP?, I live in shropshire

Which center should I ask to be sent to?

Is there anything else I should know before persuing this



07-26-08, 06:11 PM
I suggest finding one of the better comprehensive adult adhd screening tests,
this might give yourself an idea if its a diagnosis worth considering pursiung.

they arnt a diagnosis tool at all just gives you an idea if its worht seeking further help.

and looking up the new NICE gudilines on adhd, wich clearly states that medication can be necessary for adults with adhd, the final release is due in september.

I havnt got a reference to either to hand right now.

07-26-08, 06:52 PM
Hello pjim.

Unfortunately yours is a typical story.

It's so typical I'm going to give you a link to a thread from yesterday.

GPs and local hospital psychiatrists are usually out of their depth.

Scout around the UK forum and just about everything you need will be there - PM me if you need any further help.