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07-26-08, 02:08 PM
Ok so ive seem to have found my self many options, and lots of questions un answered...

but bare in mind I totaly gave up with life 8 years ago due to losing the fight to get treated for adult adhd, I was very fit 13 years ago but I am so run down physicaly now i dont have the enrgy to get dressed... i get all my food delivered, and when theres so much rubish everywhere i cant open the fridge I manage to find the motivation to put some rubish out.
but my physical fitnes has faded away to totaly zero.

tidying some rubish away sometimes means i dont have the energy to eat that day. i get through less than 1000 calories a day yet i stil have a spare tire.

1) being refered to the WRONG maudsley clinic that i think is totaly inapropriate but will at least rule out aspergers wich they keep trying to fob me off with now, despite giving me zero reason for considering it.

this is a long way to go but they seem to think they can arange me to go there, but im not sure il have the energy left to survive if i get back.

2) pursuing this private psych in harrow, i asked a few times if hed visit me, i offered him twice his fee wich is 350 for 90 min, and it wld take 90 mins to travel here and back, but his secratary still says no.
ive finaly managed after 2 weeks to sort out a pile of clothes i cld wear.
and got a quote from a taxi firm.
i cant be sure if il be able to get dresed, and if i did I wonder what amount of energy id have if i get there, and if my curent state would totaly cloud the issue. fortunatly money is the only thing that isnt an obstacle.

2.a) Ive also asked twice now if hed provide a prescription for any treatment he recomends, but not had an answer, this is obviously important, all the GPs ive come accross are so against this medication.
ive bounced many emails il have to ring up on monday but my emotional confidence is sub zero so this makes it seemingly imposible.

3) My GP is away on hol for another 2 weeks (3 weeks total lol), I also need to know if theres a chance hed be more likly to take over the precription if he was aware of this private psych before hand.
im not sure I would be up to coping with another GP

however I dont want the private psych to see my notes at all.
I also want to make sure he doesnt want to but if i ask him he might be suspicious as to why i dont want him too ....

4) pursuing complaints, i cant decide what to do first here, I was struck by the idea of writing to my MP, but wonder if I aproached my local nhs myself and asked them very nicely to forgive and forget the 13 years of my notes wich will be in total conflict with the new government guildines and can we just start afresh with no blame.

I tried complaining for the 3 years previous to giving up 8 years ago but this fact was used agaisnt me and was mentioned in my refereal to the maudsly adhd clinic.

4.a) i try and sort out all the information, but theres so much i realy need to be able to focus for whole day wich is unlikly, trying to do a bit at a time i never realy get anywhere but a muddle of piles of paper wich get ever more disorgaised each time. theres loads of entries in my notes wich will reveal the clincicans going back 13 years all took the view of the previous clinician and the first clincican has writen notes wich reflect his views totaly contrary to the new nice guidleines.

shame i dont have the meds wich would make this quite possible.

5) trying to persuade my new local nhs psych to reconsider his decision to send me to the wrong clinic, but this is awkward as he made his mind up based on 2hrs spent reading my notes and totaly ignored anything i said.

i was sent to the muadlsy adhd clinic 8 years ago under the cloud of someone with drug seeking behavour (unbeknown to me) and they deliberatly chose not to take into acoutn i was on medication when the did the tests. that was just before i gave up, as my private psych who was prescribing later had a heart atck and retired.

6) theres a private psychiatrist in st albans wich does child/adolescent adhd but im not convinced if this is a good idea or if he would acept an adult for asesment of adhd.

I do however have 2 reports of aduld adhd from private psychs.

however theres about 12 local NHS psychs on my notes stating otherwise, yet who themseleves are of the opinion it doesnt exist in adults.

anyway at least putting this down has at least helped me focus and collate quite a lot.

ps, oh one more thing if i wrote a very brief leter to my mp and mentioned im having trouble geting help with adult adhd would she instantly think "oh adhd" and lose interest ? or say oh yes i understand ?
or would it be best to give a few more details but not be specific wich condition it is.

09-16-08, 05:23 AM
I dont want to sound patronsiing but if you have that little motivation and energy have you considered that you may either be depressed or have ME? IT must be very frustrating not to be properly looked after by your GP. Good luck

09-16-08, 08:07 AM
Sounds like you have been through loads. The NHS totally sucks in my experience of ADHD.

If you are going to go the NHS route then yes, you really do have have to work out a way to get referred to the Maudsley. I am not sure if the new NICE guidelines are completed and available yet, they will surely give you more ammo to show to the NHS psychiatrist.

I was going to complain about my standard of care I am receiving but it sounds like rocking the boat can lead to even more obstacles being but in the way. Meh.

However, if money is not an issue then can't you go private and get your diagnosis that way and then have prescriptions issued by them? I am not sure how that works and whether, at the end, a GP or local NHS psychiatrist still has to prescribe.

You actually sound quite motivated to me, in the respect of getting a diagnosis again - remembering that ADHD can play absolute havoc with it!

All the best in your next phase : )