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07-27-08, 07:48 AM
I have entries in my notes wich go back 13 years wich are made by Psych whos opinions were so totaly wrong, yet have convinced every subsequent clinician.

If im going to get anywhere I need to adres this, I have looked at al the options and they seem usless, I can add something to my notes wich says I disagree, but already the fact that I have made complaints has been used to further make my charecter look worse, a huge wad of notes full of my comments would probably make me look 10 times worse still.

obviously things have changed with the new NICE guidlines, but theres a time limit wich would rule out complaining about something 13 years ago, however there are exeptions, but I dont know them that well, the fact i have been so disabled for so long may offer some leaway but 13 years may be far too long for this, but I was unable to complain for the last 8 years at least and found it too hard when i did try to about 10 years ago.

the ICAS person I was in contact with who were trying to help are now on holiday for 2 weeks.

However, I have had an idea that if I contact the first consultant and ask him if he thinks profesional opinion has changed so much over the last 13 years he might not make the same opinion with what is known today, and that realy leaves him blame free so that might be in his best interests.

and that would be a big start.

or if he rgidly sticks to his opinion then can i use this as being current and then make a complaint based on this and complain that he has refused to update his skills and even take this as far as the gmc ?

or could he get away with simply saying hes not prepared to comment, or not even reply, or would this in itself be a curent issue to complain about ?

ofc im not even sure if hes still alive, if not it makes this a non starter.

many thanks ...

08-07-08, 07:45 AM
no, i have no idea, however my ICAS advocate is back from holiday and we are going to draft a letter to my local PCT and ask them to forward it, so i gues wel find out.

ive no idea if we can find out if hses still alive before puting the effort into the leter lol. but it was 10 years ago but i dont think he looked that old at the time to think hes retired.

im not sure how to put the letter but hopefully if my advocate is good shel be able to come up with somehing good, she certainly sounds nice, keen and efficient.

08-09-08, 07:53 AM
Im thinking of writing to all the clicians involved in my case ~10 years ago that were so unhelpfull, and simply informing them of the noew NICE guidlines, and that it clearly identifies adult adhd and recognises the need for treatment, either or both of wich were clearly disregareded in my case starting 13 years ago.

pointing out how dificult the report states it has been for adults with adhd and how they get misdiagnosed, such as i was with "treatment resistant depresion"

I was also thinking of asking them of their opinion with regard to how significant the change in medical opinion is.

my hope is that they might be able to say something wich helps me stop these entries being relied on or even used at all, and yet wich puts them in a positive position becuase its necessary for them to keep their skills up to date and move with the opinion of profesional bodies.

but im kinda hopeless at working out how to word something like this, anyone got any ideas?

I think my advocate will simply rely on what i say to put in the letter.

the nice report is also long and i skimed it once, but was wondering if anyone knew of any usefull bits i could quote.

08-22-08, 12:50 PM
yes, ive made complaints but they have led no where so far.

however i think i can make enough progress to get by,
im quite pleased with the help ive got in drafting my first letter of complaint about the situation ... and a new private diagnosis too.