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Louder Than Love
07-27-08, 06:49 PM
When Sunday comes
again i want her so
when Sunday dies
the autumn embers glow
All Hallows Eve again?
A night to imbellesh and lay with sin
A night where spirits rise up and begin
All hallows eve

The breeze of leaves so burnt and brown
Cool crisp air, and howls fills us around
FUll moon empathy, dont mourn those lost
She waits for me there, just north of the moss

Shes died again.
Shes without sin
Another day just may begin
Without her though
Bring forth the end.

Hallows Eve.

Louder Than Love
07-28-08, 04:43 PM
CNN.Riot.If you believe.You Consume

Serin gas makes a Subway smoke-hole.
Justice Allows .... Chaos Paroled.
War Architects blueprint Population Control.
Advanced Knowledge.Commercial Airliner
Medicaid. Healthcare. Higher, and Higher.
Death Penalty, Take a Life. Thank you Sire.
Tax. Religion. Freedom. AIMFIRE.

Fifteen Minutes on Larry King Live.
West Memphis Arkansas Echols Survived.
DEA kockin' down the old folks doors.
Automatic weapons aimed Center-mass
Done For.
What's your
Answer for
Uranium Ore
Mathematics, Think - Tanks. Smart Drugs
Cant dilute the death you drank.
In Manhattan, The Project.
Top Secret, Pull Rank, All for Profit.
Dont rememeber... Drawing a blank?


A work in progress.

Louder Than Love
08-02-08, 01:05 AM
need to find a way out
Faith seems a likely route.

Lost but not forgotten
Forgiven yet still forsaken
Beaten and hopeless and left for dead
Still no signs of salvation.

Seems like im walking on broken glass
Cracking like memories of the life that never came to pass
Try & I fail , Fail & I Cry, Cry & i want to
just lay down and die
Beg & plead, and I move towards the light
Like a deer locked down in the darkest of night.

----- Sign My Salvation ---

Louder Than Love
08-02-08, 11:40 PM
Can i ever....
Put things back together...
The pills have ripped apart my soul..
moving closer to an unattainable goal...

some would say, none can change.
Here i stand and beg to differ.
Toll due at the river.
Ive paid my dues.
Ive been misued.
evicerated, misconstewed.

time will tell
but, isnt this hell?
Ferryman without a bell
an acrid stagnate burning smell.

When even happiness tastes like decay.
And all good things have died away.
and only the hopeless kneel to pray.
I live this life in wide-awake daydreams,
Dreaming i'll awake someday.

------------------ Died Away -----------

-Sebastian Rivers

Louder Than Love
08-02-08, 11:51 PM
--- LUST ---

She sleeps with me at night

She's an apparition; My Anima.

A silent siren dreaming of lust

A dream where the rivers flow of red

Where the sky is always that of night

and, the moon a pale shade of blue....... or perhaps
... Maroon.

Like on the harvest

Hung low for all to see

Lost somewhere in absinthiated thought

Sweet like ether

how her dreams taste

I need her, my spirit, her anima ,
my apparition

My Desire.

My Lust.

- Sebastian Rivers

Louder Than Love
08-06-08, 08:39 PM
-------------Fire Spits Ember, Makes Hate ----------

He almost taught me to be a man,

She showed me theres truly some greater, larger plan

Then you, shrouded in hate,

to try and learn is to negate

the comfort you find behind your lies.

Living a life within a infinite sigh

Living as though you've already died

Open up oh! SO , morose eyes

Shop for what the vanity in soul will buy

A rush?

A Kiss?

Whatever False hope gets....

Listless, or Restless, lifeless and sleepless?

You're shrouded in hate.

Your love's so fake, not unlike the beliefs you fake

Only a few steps behind......

Why waste what few tears you'll need begging for pity?

You'll need those to soak the sins

Cling to something, or hopefully nothing in the end

Give in to the Demon, He'll never ever quit,

He'll rape you again, and again.... you can't win.

You flirt with her sympathies,

Your negativity howls a sour symphony

Written by your dreams, so long ago wasted

Your cross to bare, is the wickedest of storm

pouring you apathy upon us all,..... the most forlorn.

What once was bright....
You've murdered with Spite

Robbing us all of a simple moments delight....

Will your selfishness comfort a Dying man?

Can your Vanity smile & hold your bride's hand?

Knee deep in slothm and still cannot be wrong

with wrath you could murder, the most beautiful of song.

ANOTHER bad day?
You don't say, you don't say?
Did you notice the tears in your wife's blue eyes,...

..............BLUE?!?!?! eyes?
Or haddent you noticed?

Ilike to think im at least a small fraction of your damage

This...solitude you embody

I bleed red too.
I'm a person too.

I give
She Gives
We only want to live...
If only for a moment, being quiet, feeling home.
what little life we're given being happy, being alone.

or without you.

INTO THE FIRE!!! " you cry again, still never daring to taste the smoke....youd step on on them to aviod the choke, A fiery emotion can't reach your frozen soul, So i'll shake my head and pray

And hope youll forget yourself one day.

- For you Dale. May you rot in Hell.

Louder Than Love
11-29-09, 08:50 PM
Right now, I am content
Like the buzzard picks his victim clean
As divinity finds a way to remain unseen

Right now, I am the warmth
Like the weeping child in mothers arms
As the once encaged robin flies far away from harm

Right now, I am the system
Like the gears that methodically arrange the rhyme
As clocks will tick but wont keep time

My sweet poison anodyne
My loneliness is mine
Two steps to you and, three behind
I'm self destructive by design

Right now I am at peace
Like an ignorance that walls upon a warlike mind
As a suicidal atrocity finds a reason why....


Louder Than Love
11-29-09, 08:55 PM
Hers until the bitter end
I never thought id feel this way again
I Lust for her without the sin, and
Forgives me for what i have always been

I never knew love
I never knew pain
I walked alone
as everyday was the same

I never knew the truth
it kept such shifty eyes
Shady thoughts, endless lies
the music changes apathy with time

I never knew such lust
nor hatred for the machine
I dont want to be alone
But this is just a dream

( Louder than Love )