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03-12-04, 11:31 AM
Hi…I am brand new to this forum. In need of help, directions, advice, testimony.

I am a female, 40yrs old. Was diagnosed with Adult ADD about 6 yrs ago. I’ve been taking Dextroamphetamine ever since and have benefited tremendously. Up until about a yr ago, I‘ve also been on Prozac, in increasing dosages, but switched to Lexapro during the last year, at 20mg. I also take 15 mg of Buspirone daily. I have personally undergone severe trauma as a result of a divorce 3 years ago and subsequent dealing with EX in the legal system, as he is highly abusive. I am about to file for custody as a result. My mother was diagnosed as potentially Borderline Personality and Histrionic, but she never did anything about it and was never in any sort of treatment.

I have an appmnt upcoming in March with a new Psychiatrist, to totally revaluate all the meds I’ve been taking and my condition. So far my Internist has been writing prescriptions for past few years, but I obviously need a more qualified specialist to look at everything. I have been in counseling, and it was just suggested I should discuss my potential of being Bi-Polar with this Psychiastrist I have to say the first time I hear the word “Bi Polar’, I was scared to death. My sense is not so much on the Manic side at all. My dark gray depressed state has never been lower, and for the first time ever I have considered ending my life very seriously. I know I CANNOT b/c I don’t want to abandon my two young kids. I can’t.

I was blown away as I just picked up a copy of Patty Dukes book on her experience with Bi Polar and the book literally described ME. Except – I am not near as Manic. I KNOW I have this disease.

I would appreciate any insight into combo ADD/Bi Polar. Any insight to taking meds together to treat. I am REALLY concerned about potential weight gain and want to avoid, b/c I’ve struggled with this since my divorce. Also – and feedback on Wellbutrin…would be great. My suffering of PMS from an emotional standpoint I’d say is pretty severe, and obviously my depression is at it’s scariest, now, right during PMS.

Help, pls. I live in MD.

Thank you. God Bless.

03-12-04, 11:48 AM

First, welcome to the ADD Forums!

Second, it sounds like you certainly have alot on your hands at the moment. The good thing is, you're seeking an evaluation by a medical specialist (terrific idea!) and you're here, and asking questions (excellent!).

We have a number of members and Moderators who have significant experiences with the issues you are facing today, and I am fairly certain you will find yourself in the company of some very caring people in short order! :)

As you look around the Forum, you will find forums that cover Medications (, and one or two Private Forums ( that might interest you as well. You'll need to request access to the Private Forums (, but once inside, you'll find a nurturing and healing environment :)

Should you have any questions, suggestions or need additional information, please let us know. In the meantime, I look forward to reading more of your posts!