View Full Version : Need Advice on "Attentive Child" or DMAE

07-29-08, 06:45 PM
Can anyone out there give me their advice and experience using Attentive Child or Pedi-Active, both of which have 50mg DMAE per tablet?


- What is the appropriate dosage for a 70 pound 10 year old?
- Is it best to give the full dose first thing in the morning or split it up during the day?
- How long does it take to see results?
- Are their side effects we should be aware of?
- Has anyone out there experience consistent success with this?

Thank you!


08-22-08, 10:50 AM
Honestly, DMAE is crap and there is good reason not to take it or let anyone you know take it -- e.g. depression/anxiety is a possible side-effect. It has potentially long-term negative effects upon the operation of the cholinergic system.

DMAE increases striatal dopamine (which you don't want to in people with ADHD as they have an abundance of D2 receptors), and increases choline (as it is a choline precursor), also having downstream "cascade" effects on the alpha-adrenergic system

Centrophenoxine is similar to DMAE and is overall better.