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07-31-08, 12:19 PM
I'm looking for some good books to help kids cope/relate with their ADD/ADHD. (can be elementary through high school)

I have found books on Amazon and other places, but I wanted to hear from anyone who has read or used certains books and found them helpful. It can be a book that just helps a child relate/not feel alone or a self-help book.

Thanks so much!!!

tree oh tree
08-04-08, 02:11 PM
Maybe 'A catcher in the rye', I swear to god after reading it really corellated with how I act, I'm not sure if Holden Caulfield has ADHD or whatever but he certainly has 'issues'.
Also a more adult book is Lunar Park by Brett Easton Ellis. This is essientially a fictional memoir of his life. Brett has a fictional son who is prescribed Adderall and Ritalin. Although it could be argued that it is critique of over medication in america (all his friends are on meds, and there is a bit where Robby pops down to see his dad at a halloween party and Brett tells him to go upstairs or something and Robby says something along the lines of 'But [so and so] has just taken some zoloft and feel asleep. Brett who is a very resonsible dad tells him to the same., and Robby (his sons name in the book) is described as a 'zombie' by his teachers (because of the meds).
this was helpful for me to understand, but I still struggle to follow with the advice, and some of the stuff about the meds is dated.
Also earlier today I realised Mr Men books are great, but they're kinda for younger children, but I think they're 'well novel', and I think Little Miss Fickle, Mr Day Dream, Mr Noisy, Mr Messy and Mr Bump fit me perfectly, and these kinda books are great for explaining how certain behaviours can be hard for other people to deal with and also hopefully give a good understanding of consequences.
For instance in 'Little Miss Fickle' she always changes her mind, which leads other people to get confused, a waiter realises that he doesn't want to be a waiter after all but instead a bus conducter after having to deal with Little Miss Fickle at his restraunt.
The Hungry Caterpillar al kids should read, also any of the Johnny Books by terry prachatt.
A good toy might be an etcha a sketch, I got one the otherday (well it's actually a telecran what I got, but that's practically the same. In fact etch a sketch used the design of the telecran (it's french) and then changed it's colour and name and released it in the early 60's in america in hope that the baby boom would mean big bussines, which it did.
Etch a sketch is good I think probably for coordination with the hands and eyes, it's creative, takes patience and alot of thought on how to draw a picture.
Perhaps it might be good to create some excerises, like work out how to draw a face but with joing up the lines.

Louder Than Love
08-04-08, 02:48 PM
The Catcher in The Rye, Most definitely. I read it at least 3 times a year.
My Happy Life By Lydia Millet is great.

09-24-08, 12:03 PM

My 11 yr old son has ADD and I recently found a great book just for him. We just started going through it together. I'm hoping it helps him feel more comfort knowing that he is not alone and there are people out there that understand what he is going through. It has activities at the end of each chapter. Seems like a really great book so far and he likes it too.

The Survival Guide for Kids With ADD or ADHD, John F. Taylor

I just do searches on for books related to the subject and that's pretty much how I decide which books I would like to read. Hope that's helpful.