View Full Version : definitely cliche. definitely a little dark...but here it goes.....

07-31-08, 10:30 PM

Try to escape a woven web
and the spider will draw close,
What happens now is the ebb.
The spider bites, a heavy dose.

The venom surges in your veins
gushing through you like Noah’s flood
Still awake as the spider drains…
Now the poison becomes your blood.

Spiders, demons, all monsters alike
joined forever at sadistic play,
all will get you with their daunting strike
all while aiding night’s conquer of day.

Shredding your soul with giant claws,
while raging violent war in your head
Their wrath will never end nor pause,
not once, until your spirit is dead.

My battle is quite near ending.
The fight will finally decease,
with my soul latently bending,
finished searching for its release

from clever demons that clutch on,
sucking my spirit from its teat.
Like maggots eating fresh at dawn,
this carcass, my life, tastes so sweet.

Now fragile shards of ruined soul
cut deeply through this hollow skin.
The darkness finally takes its toll.
My life is now what could have been.