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08-02-08, 01:20 PM
I'm on effexor 75 mgs and epival 750 mgs
My psydoc minght suggests lamictal.. Does it help for the depression part?

08-02-08, 05:02 PM
Just an update from my post to you last night in another thread, my sister has taken Lamictal for years for her bipolar, I called her and asked and the information from it's official site can be found at

I hope this helps you.

If your doctor recommends it, it should help, I was a lurker for a long time before joining as a member, I was a chicken LOL and recall a few members who don't come around much any more saying they were on it but hopefully a few people are still here that can give you results or you can check the history thing at the bottom of the page when you scroll down in this forum and select "From the beginning" to see all posts, there is also a search feature here in case you don't want to sift through it. I just wanted to give you some options in case nobody replies so you can get the answers you need.

Hang in there.

08-02-08, 05:44 PM
From what I've read and heard, Lamictal is good for the depression aspect of Bipolar Disorder.

08-02-08, 05:45 PM
Well you did offer your help so I will tell you how I got to this. I'm 61 yrs old.
At 26, I got my first mutiple sclerosis attack and depression was terrible. It s been like this since 1973 and was not diagnosed or treated since 1982. Then they put me on lithium for 4 years. After the psyDoc of the MS clinic said it was only cyclothemia and put me on clonazepam. I was on it till 2000 when I decided to get off. I battled it for 6 years (addiction) and in 2006 I got effexor from my GP and finally met the psydoc who diagnosed bipolar II and ADHD. First she put me on epival for the BPII .She see's me once a month. We've tried concerta but my tics are awfull so last visit she decided strattera but lamectal is the next step if it does not work. I msu say that I's a fighter and I keep to msyself.
Hey! Throught all that I did a career as a police officer and I was a good one working in PR and court duties.
I have a great family. A loving wife, two daughters. One is a GP and the other a school board director. I also have 5 grandchilden..I'm luckey as can be except for..

all this said. At 62 I'm tired of fighting these mood swings.. Depression is horrible and I's getting harder for me to go in life faking all the time.

Being diagnosed with ADHD I dont know what symptoms belong to what. So this is why I hade my hopes on strattera and lamictal at last..

Thanks soo much for your support as it got lots of weight off my shoulder..

I'm French Canadian so there might be few mistake lol