View Full Version : Dealing with a world that causes ADD, when you have ADD

08-03-08, 05:42 PM
We hear it more and more.

Our world is causing everyone to have "ADD"

Now we know that there is a difference, but something that I saw on TV yesterday seemed to be a great tool for folks with ADD, even though it was targeted towards the general public.

This regards our life with electronics, more importantly our business life. If you are like my you have a Blackberry, or a Palm, or some other device that leads your life.

You also may be checking your E-mail every time you switch from task to task at work etc.

Here is the suggestion!


Turn the auto-check function on your E-mail off and only check your E-mail 3 times a day. Add a auto signature telling folks that you will be checking E-mail that the designated times, and otherwise to call you on you phone.

Use your blackberry only to make calls, and to respond only when urgent. Don't check your E-mails while you are out an about.

This was geared towards the busy professional, so if they can't handle life nowadays how are we supposed to?

Our E-mail and Blackberrys are like "SUPER SHINY THINGS" to distract us all day. I think that we all have enough without these added distractions!