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08-04-08, 02:18 AM
lol, thought I'd share my epiphany, although I'm sure most of you already know how good exercise is for adhd! I've been reading for years about it, but I could never get myself to do it. But, I started this new medication a few months ago, vyvanse, and I've been able to create some new habits and keep them up with not a whole lot of effort.

So now I've been exercising consistently for a month! I can't believe it. I really don't think this is something I would've gotten into if I was still on the concerta. I feel like the vyvanse has allowed me to make some lifestyle changes that I've known for awhile I needed to make but just couldn't find the motivation. It's not like the vyvanse has given me motivation, it's more like it's cleared my head so that I am really aware of what matters the most to me in my life and what I want the most out of life. And when I am aware of all that it's kind of easy to make the choices I need to make.

Being healthy and fit and able to participate fully in life is something that I really want for myself. Obviously it's something I'm sure everyone wants for themselves but I think when you have adhd finding the motivation to follow through with ANY routine long enough to make it a habit is so hard!

The biggest problem I have right now with exercise and ADHD and my medication is eating regularly and enough food. I was barely eating on the concerta and I realized that I had put my body in starvation mode and I was not getting enough nutrients. I think I was basically malnourished! And, I'm pretty sure that only exacerbated my adhd, despite the medicine.

So now that I'm exercising, I need to eat even more due to the calories I'm burning so I've realized that I really need to get control over my eating habits. I already eat pretty healthy, so the content is not so much a problem as the timing. I was thinking I could get a watch and schedule alarms for my meals! That is the only way I can think of to get myself to eat 5-6 regular meals a day. What do you guys think? Did starting an exercise routine force you to rethink your eating habits? Anyone have any ideas for quick easy high nutrient snacks and foods? I really want almost everything I eat to have a lot of nutrients for the amount of calories. I also want it to be balanced. I have no problem with breakfast since I eat it before I take my medicine. But, if lunch and snacks are not easy for me I'm always Very tempted to skip!

Sorry about this post being so mixed between exercise and nutrition, they kind of go hand in hand though don't they? Moderators please feel free to move it if you'd like, thanks!

08-05-08, 02:44 AM
I have the hardest time eating one vyvanse. w/o meds, I forget to eat. With meds, I have no appetite. Also, b/c of old injuries, exercise is difficult...

But yeah, I'll be trying to follow your example b/c I too really want to be healthy and fit and all that. Thanks for being an inspiration!

08-05-08, 11:41 AM
They have a large variety of "nutrition bars" at my area's local supermarkets these days. Like A DOZEN or more to pick from. I am addicted to these Luna Bars. But they have gazillions of others too, and they're supposed to be loaded with nutrients and protein!! If you ate even ONE of those per day - as a snack - I think that would help a LOT! (Me - I have problems just stopping at TWO BARS a day!)

In fact - unfortunately I seem to have the opposite problem: I forget NOT to eat all the time. I just love snacking lately. (I guess it's common for those taking one of the non-ADHD medications I take - Boo!)


08-06-08, 08:30 AM
you know when I first got on stimulants I thought it was great that I had no appetite because I lost a lot of weight. But, I've since learned that that weight was most likely muscle and that I kind of ruined my metabolism, at least it's never quite recovered yet! Even with stimulants I've gained some of that weight back because when I did eat my body stored all the extra calories as fat, it's most trusted energy source. And because I've been starving myself so much my body is still convinced I can't be trusted to feed myself so it won't let me burn off my fat stores!

So no appetite might seem like a blessing but believe me it's a curse!

Oh well, I actually don't care to lose too much weight, although a few pounds would be nice, any more than that would be below my ideal weight. What I really want is to reduce my fat percentage, I'm at 29% right now and that is definately not healthy!

Also, about the snack bars, I love luna bars! also heath bars are good too. The only problem I have with those is that (a) they're kind of expensive for my budget and (B) they are processed and I don't trust them. I'm trying to consume as little chemicals as possible, especially preservatives and additives.

08-06-08, 08:51 AM

From Micheal Pollan's ( - In Defense of Food:
"Eat food, not much, mostly plants."

Unless I go to the grocery store for lunch, which I've done, I have to bring something for lunch and then cook something for dinner to avoid the standard North American diet. I need slow food ( as much as I need exercise, but lucky for me I'm not a fanatic about either. :)

Good on you for making the changes you've made! What a success story!